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    Administrator troubleshooting

    Not necessarily done yet. Sorry to give you such hairy Terminal commands - it's a bit of a learning curve for the new mac user. Here's an easier way: Highlight the geraldine.sparseimage in the Finder window by clicking it once and select "File > Get Info". At the bottom line of this window...
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    OS 9.2 Won't Boot

    Deleting the OS 9 "System Folder" won't mess up anything in OS X except for Classic, which probably boots from that same folder. So be aware that what nixgeek says is true - if you delete that System Folder, you may have to reinstall OS 9 on that machine to have a working Classic environment.
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    Administrator troubleshooting

    Ah, I see. But you have another account on this iBook that logs in? That's a Good Thing. No need to go rushing into a system reinstall then. But if I understand you correctly, it's not an admin account. Do I have this right? Have you tried just double-clicking on the geraldine.sparseimage...
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    Administrator troubleshooting

    No worries - if this thing can be cracked, we'll get it. A big "duh" to the guys at the Mac store - of course it's because of FileVault! Otherwise this would be a cinch! BUT, I've got one last trick up my sleeve, one that I picked up from macosxhints. This is assuming that you've got a new...
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    G4 wont boot after osx 10.4 install

    I'm a bit confused about the mac model you're using - is it a Blue & White G3, or a G4? It shouldn't matter, because I looked it up and the G3 B&W is supported hardware, but...that's a pretty old box if true. Have you tried holding down the "option" key at boot to choose a startup disk, but if...
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    Administrator troubleshooting

    Ah, filevault. Didn't think to ask about that. You had it enabled on this account, then? I have limited experience with it, so I consulting the Apple Discussion Forums and found this thread: If the method suggested there...
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    Netboot drive image showing up in the proper tabs

    Honestly, I've never used the System Image Util itself, so I shouldn't have made the comparison directly. I just like the added flexibility and GUI goodness of the NetRestore tools, some of which I don't believe is available in the Apple-included tools. My deployment is only in the 100+ Mac...
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    power mac G4 prob

    I second that. Screeching hard drives are tough to come back from. Are you sure it's the hard drive though? Could it possibly be a fan? Can you boot to CD/DVD and see the hard disk in disk utility? That's the ultimate test. If you can't see the hard disk in disk util at all, you're probably...
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    ichat & camera

    I chat successfully with my parents in FL using iChat on my end (3.1.5, with OS X 10.4.7) and the AIM 5.9 client, a step or two short of AIM Triton, which doesn't work at all, yet? No freezing, no stuttering, just impressive performance and reasonable resolution. I have a...
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    Switcher confused about the Finder & Desktop

    fryke is dead right - although 10.3 did have some latency with updating folder contents in the GUI, 10.4 certainly does not (due to Spotlight), and this is not normal behavior for a new Mac. Repair permissions is highly recommended (Open Disk Utility in Applications > Utilities and click "Repair...
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    Safari Constantly Crashes

    Glad to hear it! Happy to help.
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    Safari Constantly Crashes

    I know why you're doing that search, but I think you're looking too deep by going after the framework - that's the code underlying the Address Book app, which is clearly OK since your girlfriend has no troubles. The fact that you see it mentioned in the crash log only means that the corruption...
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    Netboot drive image showing up in the proper tabs

    Questions: 1. What version of OS X Server are you using? 2. Where are you putting the disk image on the server? It needs to be inside /Library/NetBoot/NetBootSP0 in order for it to be seen by the NetBoot service. 3. Is this just a disk image (.dmg file by itself), or a proper NetBoot set...
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    Permissions Problems

    It's a bit scorched-earth, but have you tried disabling and recreating the shared volume? In other words, uncheck the "Share" box in Workgroup Manager, save, then recheck it and set all the Access properties as desired? This may jiggle the handle and reset the permissions issues. If upgrading...
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    no internet connection running software updates

    Seems to me that the problem is probably outside the Xserve's settings, since you can ping everything fine. I would check all computers in between the Xserve and the Internet to see if their settings are correct. That said, the Powerbook seems to be your only indication that any Mac can connect...