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    Stick with 9.1 X will only give you problems

    X is a load of crap heaved on us from apple. They could have at least took thier time on it and get all the major system components to work right. oh well not worth the $129 you guys are paying for it. I got stuck payin $30 for the beta and it is worth about that until it actually works. Late
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    VOODOO 3

    I need voodoo3 1.0b11 drivers. not 12. if anybody has them please email them to me. i would really appreciate it.
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    Multi Monitor w/Voodoo3

    i happen to use beta 11 drivers cuz when i went to beta 12 it slowed my whole machine down. with the exception of using the rave driver.
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    PPoE and OS X

    where the hell is the terminal window?????
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    messages in installer LOG

    ok thank you i just wanted to know if it did have to do with my problem.
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    Multi Monitor w/Voodoo3

    i got my voodoo 3 3000 to work in my computer but i dont think that two moniters are supported therefore it freezes. with the voodoo connected as your main moniter and nothing else connected it should work but the startup time is a bit slower so if the screen doesnt show up within the first 40...
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    messages in installer LOG

    ok heres my problem. i get the following messages in the installer log and i am wondering what they mean and how i can right them. Lookup in pbs of server "Rulebook Server" failed Can't connect to pbs object "rulebook server" Installer[-39] Could not open /dev/disk0s1s9. (-1) may be...
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    Biege g3 Upgraded HD

    Well ive updated the drivers on my hd and still nothing. the installer works great until it gets to that point. it loads up off my voodoo3 3000 card and is really nice. hmmmm what else can i do.
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    Biege g3 Upgraded HD

    I have a original biege g3 233. i have a non-apple hd. when i get to the screen where it says select destination in the installer, all it has to select is the osx cd. i was wondering if anyone else had this problem and how you fixed it. Could it possibly be that i need an apple hd in it for osx...