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    how to run a unix executable file

    I just downloaded a zip file of public data and upon de-zipping, I had a 230MB unix executable file. The contents are mostly a text file of public data. I've been inside a unix shell and couldn't wait to get out. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    Setup PHP & MySQL

    Can you elaborate on your comments re MAMP? .... testing vs production. I'm using it on my laptop to develop sites and it's a great solution. The app lets you turn Apache or Mysql or both on/off at any time
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    best software for Invoicing?

    checkout Billings2.
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    Music notation s/w for Tiger (non-Intel)

    I am looking for recommendations for music notation software for Tiger on non-intel based Macs. This would be for solo guitar only. I know there's a site that has a long list of programs...wondering if anyone has an opinion on any. Sibelius is great, I know but $$$. I've used Tabledit...
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    Billings2 and TimeEdition 1.0

    Has anyone tried Billings2 (project management and invoice generation) ? If so, do you recommmend it and what weaknesses does it have? I've started using TimEdition 1.0 which is a sophisticated stop-watch for keeping track of time on projects. I like it's simplicity and flexibility vs...
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    Setup PHP & MySQL

    it doesn't get easier or better than this:
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    php/mysql install : Tiger : Apache 1.3

    For reasons I cannot determine, my php and mysql are no longer working. I barely know how to log-in to the unix terminal. Can someone point me to a package that will be easy to re-install? The package at requires Apache 2 and I have Apache1.3 Thank you very much.
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    new dualboot Mac or windows laptop for web work

    I am a web develop and often work away from home where I have a windows desktop. It's pretty much futile to do web work without a Windows computer. Has anyone bought the new MacBook Pro for the sake of having one computer and is it effective for doing web development ...CSS in particular...
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    Apple's home page : amazing video quality

    anyone want to speculate as to how they achieved such crystal clear video quality ?
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    linking to a song in the iTunes music store

    For those who do web design and know how to link an address to a mapquest map ( or other mapping service) there an ITunes API or method by which I can add a link to a song and when clicked, iTunes is launched and then goes to that song in the iTunes music store ?
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    Seeking simple DVD authoring tool for Tiger

    Thanks for the replies. I am making a slideshow of photos for a friends wedding and they will have a DVD player.
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    Seeking simple DVD authoring tool for Tiger

    Any recommendations are appreciated. Just need to convert a powerpoint presentation into something that will run on a regular DVD player.
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    Tiger : accidentally moved the Mail folder

    ok...thanks. if i understand correctly then, my Mail folder containing mailboxes etc does not go into the Account Types folder. Does the ~ refer to root (hard drive) ?
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    Tiger : accidentally moved the Mail folder

    I intended to copy the Mail folder that contains my mailboxes and messages to another folder for backup. I want to re-install Tiger but can't afford to lose the emails. Instead of copying, I moved it and I want to move it back I forgot which folder it belongs in since it was a while ago...
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    Half a can of coke fell into my PB!! how to clean it?

    FWIW.....Last year I spilled a perfectly good cup of coffee on my Titanium PB. There were all sorts of electrical buzzing/zapping sounds (shorts) and then it went dead. I brought it to CompUSA on Friday. On Monday, the Apple tech booted it up without problem, but the keyboard had a few...