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    Developer's Kit (intel Mac) information (merged thread) Enjoy.
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    .Mac - is it worth it?

    Ok, sounds like something I probably won't use much then as the two items that appeal to me (Storage Space & Web space) hardly appeal to me enough to justify $100/yr.
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    Michael Dell: "I would sell OS X on my machines"

    I'm sorry, I quite frankly have to disagree with this. As far as viruses/spyware/adware/etc. is concerned, I have to agree any good user doesn't have these problems. However, as far as Windows crashing being the user's fault, that's not always true. There can be problems related to drivers...
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    Adding Programs to the Dock?

    Cool, thanks for the quick response. This is good news for me... another question, is it possible to assign Apps. keyboard shortcuts so I can press a few keys and open them?
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    Oh The Irony!

    Why don't you want to buy a powerbook, sure it might be "phased out" eventually, but we're talking at least two years here before anyone even considers phasing them out... realistically, I think it will be more like 5 years or so (ie when most ppl feel they want new laptops) ... I wouldn't be...
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    Adding Programs to the Dock?

    Ok, just to make sure I got the name right, I'm thinking of the bar on the bottom of the screen w/ all the programs. I was wondering, is it possible to add/remove program links from the Dock (essentially I want to see the programs I'm going to use frequently as opposed to the ones I use...
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    .Mac - is it worth it?

    Hi, I've been giving .Mac some thought, my initial impression was that it's not at all worth it, but what do you people here think. Please provide a justification, regardless of your response.
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    Intel's down

    The Hitchikers series gets progressively worse as it continues (but starts off really well), I enjoyed the first two books immensely and gave up in the middle of the 3rd... btw, the movie was ok, but you really should read the book first.
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    How does UNIX/command line come into play

    alright cool, that told me pretty much what I was looking to know, thanks for the replies.
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    How does UNIX/command line come into play

    Hi, I'm a windows user with complete intention of switching to macs (I'm saving for a powerbook at the moment). I've had limited use of Mac OS X (ie whenever I visit the mac store), and I was wondering where does the command line come into play & how often do I have to use it/what for. So...