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    FS - PowerMac G4, heavily upgraded

    1999 PowerMac G4 Sawtooth One of the oldest useful Macs around! This was originally a 350MHz first generation G4 purchased in 1999. One owner over all these years and is still in every day use. Has been extensively upgraded, current specs are: 800MHz G4 GigaDesigns CPU 1.5GB RAM (3x...
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    PCI USB 2.0 issue on Sawtooth G4

    I have an old Sawtooth G4 (350 upgraded to 800, 768mb) that I recently bought a big ext USB drive for. I put a USB 2.0 card in it years ago which has been fine up until now, however the USB connection times out and the Finder crashes with this drive (WD 750GB, which is fine on my MacBook with...
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    Point-to-point Wireless Connection

    Could still do with some ideas on this - I'm planning on upgrading my parents-in-law's broadband if I can which will come with a new 802.11g wireless router, and I'm still after a Time Capsule. I think the distance is probably closer to 100m than 50m, would the TC in bridging mode be likely to...
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    Point-to-point Wireless Connection

    Indeed, was checking out cable prices and I'd probably got for 5E or 6, thanks fryke.
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    Point-to-point Wireless Connection

    I'm looking into setting up a point-to-point wireless connection between my new house and my parents-in-law as for various reasons it might be a while before we can get a phone line installed. The houses are about 50m apart (maybe a little more) as the crow flies although there are some hedges...
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    Problems waking clamshell iBook with 9.2

    I have an old clamshell iBook that I was going to sell, however I encountered a problem when testing it. When waking it up after it has been closed, the cursor is movable, however nothing can be clicked. I tried force quitting which first allowed me to quit Shareway IP, and as that didn't help...
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    FS: PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8, 2.25mb/80gb (Northern Ireland)

    PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8 GHz 2.25 GB RAM 80 GB HDD 64 MB GeForce 5200 Digital Audio In/Out Gigabit Ethernet Firewire 400/800 Apple Keyboard/Pro Mouse £575 plus postage. I'm happy to ship it anywhere, however bear in mind that postage will be more expensive if outwith the UK...
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    Football Manager 2008

    If you've bought a copy of the game and you've got the space disk space, you could always create a disk image and just mount it when you want to play.
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    Slashdot-like alternative for shared hosting

    I had an idea for a site with a similar format to Slashdot however I could do with finding an alternative to Slash. Unfortunately the slashcode "Slashalike" list is extremely out of date and most of the scripts on it either don't seem to be around anymore or still aren't suitable. My...
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    Call Of Duty 2: how is the mac version?

    It runs pretty well on my 1.8 Dual G5 (64mb GPU/2gb RAM), although it would get a little jerky occasionally on the higher settings. Playable though, and probably down to the oldish graphics card. I've not enjoyed it nearly as much as COD1, or the Medal of Honor games though. I'm not sure why...
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    Find Madeleine

    While this whole thing is a tragedy, it has gotten completely out of hand. The media coverage is ridiculous. I was reading on another forum that someone had noticed in their local paper that a young black child had been killed the same week Madeline McCann disappeared. Not being a middle class...
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    Stock management suggestions

    I've been looking for a stock management script and would appreciate some suggestions. I've been searching SourceForge and have tried a couple of scripts (OpenTaps, which I found to be a bit clunky, and Inventory Management Software, which looked to do what I needed however I haven't managed to...
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    Apple Care for MacBook Pro... yes or no?

    I'd go for it, we didn't get one for my fiance's iBook and it's had a couple of things that I would have rather had AppleCare (replacing the HD for instance, I managed it but it's the type of thing I'd rather someone else did).
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    Does Britain suck?

    Yes, not a moment too soon. As for Turkey, I can't see them joining the EU anytime soon, or at all.
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    Does Britain suck?

    If I used smilies I'd look for an incredulous one, I can't believe you're involved in a debate about the EU and come out with stuff like that. Also, while nobody's doubting the hardship that British cities faced during World War II bombings, and the lives that were lost in combat, we did fare a...