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    RDC - Can from Parallels Not from MacOSX

    Hello, Im running a 15" MacBook Pro 2.33 2GB and Version 10.4.9. I suddenly could not connect to my work machine from home with Microsoft Remote Desktop.. On my home desktop mac it works fine.. then I was in Parallels (W2kPro) and decided to try MS Remote Desktop from there.. It worked fine...
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    Little help.. ftp / curl

    ok, im just going to ask for help rather then go over all the scripts and such that i have tried with no success. I need to upload a file (eg.. /Library/Preferences/EDI/edi.ingate.cro) every 20 mins or so.. Ive come down to I just need a simple script that I will run with CRON. So my...
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    Reinstalling MacBook

    Yep, tryed that... it takes me too the insert disc 2 and begins the iapps install. Stuck there.. no matter what disc i boot with. SO... what ive done.. I started up in Target mode.. deleteing everything but my back up directory and getting ready to start up from install 1. I will not install the...
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    Reinstalling MacBook

    I did the transfer from my 15" powerbook to to my macbook and I was not happy with any of the performance. I decided that my powerbook was bogged down with so much stuff that maybe it would be best to slowly install fresh copies of stuff on the MacBook. So, I backed everything up and tryed to do...
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    Picture of your setup

    as per top to bottom. Digi001 Patch Bay for all audio Axis Video Servers and a Dazzle box Tascam DA-30 APC multi Unit Control 4u P4 2u P3 to the right is my Dual 500 G4 Random things like hubs, etc.... are mounted...
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    Picture of your setup

    I just took this pic for someone and then I was glancing threw here and saw this so ill upload it :) Chrom is in the mail :) but as it stands basicly: G4 dual 500 (10.2), 4u P4 Dual 1.6 (Redhat), P3 800 (FreeBSD), loads of memory and even more Drive space, Digital Audio System, Axis Video...
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    Oh my god. I love iTunes 3.

    JokerZ: I saw something on versiontracker for controlling itunes over network. try searching itunes at Hope that helps :)
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    [HOWTO] - Empty the trash of stubborn items

    Hey Gadget, you do have something in the trash can dont you. if the trash is already empty you will see that error you keep seeing. Put a empty folder in there and run your command.:D
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    Mac Clan Wolfenstein Server

    just email me there are a few details. hehe
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    You will need to put two files in your baseq3 directory. 1. server.cfg - you should be able to open this with "Textedit" Theres lots of stuff that you can set up in there. 2. I have a auto maprotation.cfg. So no matter what gametype you use it will run threw the maps for that...
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    cool, unless you dont have it installed you wont need the cd :) There are lots of things to configure. Hit me back if you need any. Ill post a server.cfg file up just to support my example. THis lil program WILL support MODS too, you just need to change GAME=[mod dir] and so on. ok, ill...
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    Well, finally ID gives us this. hehe In case any of you want to run this. I am going to post one of the ways to do this. Note- I have Quake3 installed in /Applications/Games/Quake3 you will have to change any paths to your quake install. Default it /Applications/Quake3...
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    pheww.. i dont know why the install was bombing on me, but 10.1 did the trick.
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    limbo crash

    I wish that was my I cant even get it installed. If someone wants to give me there files that would be great. Im getting 10.1 tommorow thou and im praying that fixes my isues.:mad: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Quake? Anyone? Please?

    read the back of the book and you know the go buy the full verson its not that expensive and you will be put in to many more worlds many more charaters to choose from and way many more servers on the net to play. The its a demo only... few maps, few characters. The...