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    Code Weavers for Mac

    Well sorry to hear you are having problems Fryke. I am up and running with the beta and it works really well PROVIDED you only install supported software. Which there isn't a huge choice of. But Office 2000 runs at (so far as i can tell) native speeds. I have tried other apps but so far only had...
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    Code Weavers for Mac

    Code weavers has released a beta of its Mac WINE software ..anyone care to check it out?
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    Intel via remote desktop

    Well Fryke I went ahead and bought a MacBook Pro... At first I thought MS RD was going to be viable. Within minutes I had XP running from my MacBook pro all around the house, wirelessly, even on my wife's ancient indigo iMac. Usable XP on a 350 iMac - amazing! And then ... Suddenly a...
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    BootCamp run Windows on Mac

    OK, here is the answer it seems. I haven't tried it yet but a WindozeXP app called KeyTweek would seem to do the business. You can find it at
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    BootCamp run Windows on Mac

    The keyboard layout does seem to be a problem. I am still trying to work out why certain keys wont work - this must be down to the different Mac / PC layout. I don't have a PC keyboard to compare but I am wondering if there's a website out there that maps a key for key comparision. In fact, now...
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    "BootCamp is LAME" - Venkat Pullena

    I don't know whether I am confused or other posters here are. The link Spitty provides takes you to a college campus website, which doesn't appear to be the spoof site you guys are talking about. Or did I miss something? Admittedly his opinions are so ludicrously uninformed (Venkat's that is)...
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    BootCamp run Windows on Mac

    What do we care about most here? Is it the OS or the applications? If popular software such as Photoshop or Word can be made to run seemlessly on the Mac - even if it takes Windows running in the background - where is the problem? You may ask - why bother running the MacOS at all then ...but...
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    Intel via remote desktop

    Many will think me mad, but I want to run a Mac Mini Intel via remote desktop to my G4 1.25 Dual, so I can use Windows on my G4 at near native speeds. Of course you get the bonus of a speedy new Mac, too - probably faster than the G4. My question is, can this be done via Apple's remote...
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    New Mac Minis?

    Actually that's just ignorance. I wouldn't trust the staff at PC World to tell me if it was raining outside. They are there to sell, not to inform. Try John Lewis or an Apple Centre if you want genned-up info.
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    DVD imaging problem

    I could be wrong about this - but doesn't the new version of Toast (7) open/extract Video-TS files?
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    Why wma?

    Good point ...but are there no DRM options using other iTunes friendly formats, such as mp3? Rather than WMA which is exclusively Microsoft?
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    Why wma?

    Never underestimate the stupidity of large corporations. Often senior managers fail to listen to sound advice or simply think they know better. It is entirely possible that some big cheese at HMV imagines that because PC's dominate the computer market that is the way to go. Probably he/she...
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    Windows programs on tiger?

    Aych, there are loads of quality audio apps for the Mac ...ProTools (cross platform) is probably the best but there are literally dozens of other including the free Audacity which is good for basic tasks. I also use Cool Edit Pro which is PC only, via Virtual PC. It has a fabulous set of...
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    who started using USB...Apple or ?

    I recall a UK journalist (well informed as ever!) claiming when the iMac came out that Apple had boobed, because it had printer ports that were non standard! Apparently she had never heard of USB. Typical Apple she said, bringing out a computer that there are no peripherals for!
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    Windows on Macs: The Average-Joe magnet

    I believe the US army has a phrase for it ... If it looks like a Mac and it works like a Mac it's a go**amn Mac! However, I take your point djdouse, that no operating system has ever knocked Windoze off its pedestal. And I agree that there are dangers for Apple here. However, it is also...