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    Whats wrong with my short C++ thing?

    My C++ class didn't cover file i/o, so someone will have to help you there. As for many choices, you might try a cases argument.
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    Whats wrong with my short C++ thing?

    You might consider --------- #include<iostream> using namespace std; main() { int a = 1, b = 2, c = 3; char the_class; cout << "Welcome To My Experimental RPG!, choose a character class: "; cout << "1: Knight, 2: Wizard, or 3: Conjurer!"; cin >> the_class; if...
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    Fink announces support for KDE on MacOS X

    I'm really itching to give this a try. My first Unix OS was MacOS X, so so far I've only had some experience with Gnome. Reading the warning though, I'm really worried about getting water in my gas tank. That, and I'm sure compiling everything will take many days on my computer.
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    What is the most popular Hard Disk Name?

    My main drive is Daedalus, my large drive where I've moved the users folders to is Icarus, and my swap drive is Odysseus. Daedalus used to be in two partitions Daedalus and Helios before I decided to try a fresh install of OS X back around Christmas. I'm thinking that when I eventually get a...
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    fink can't install Debian Utils during self-compile

    Better yet, try typing fink selfupdate-cvs which will get the latest package definitions for you, both updates and all new ones. I have debianutils 1.16 installed that way.
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    Why iChat?

    Actually, Jabber does have a bit of corporate backing. A lot of the server development is done by the company that runs They make their money with that and selling company branded Jabber clients. It's really too bad that Apple picked AIM over Jabber. It would have really given it a...
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    Why iChat?

    Well there is, but unfortunately not enough people use it right now: Jabber. It is an open protocol and the server can have "transports" installed so that you can connect to AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, and MSN through the server and you can then use any Jabber client. The server installs on MacOS X...
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    Why iChat?

    ICQ and AIM are in a state of semi-compatibility. That is, The less-featured protocol that AIM uses for its Java client and for third party clients is the same as for the latest ICQ protocol. They are at least similar enough that the Jabber transport is the same for ICQ and AIM. However, they...
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    Apple + Tab = Cool

    The best that I've seen is a workaround from this thread (a good thing to try, and Youpi Key is a great thing to have anyway). I think this got away from Apple because they didn't add the command-` standard until 10.1, and that was "Go to folder...." since possibly even the Public Beta. They...
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    Apple + Tab = Cool

    Yeah, but in the Terminal that, command-1,2,... switch windows, and command-`. In Terminal's case, it's more like a ton of commands do the same thing but the default still works. I mainly wish command-` worked in all apps, but it'd have to be specially added to the non-Cocoa apps.
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    Wierd Adium?

    Yeah, that's something to do with unicode. Check out and get UnicodeChecker. It's great for finding characters, such as Devanagri (since Apple still hasn't developed half of the text inputs they had in OS 9).
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    Apple + Tab = Cool

    And don't forget apple-shift-` (that is, apple-~) to rotate through the windows in the opposite direction.
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    Mail spelling dictionary is a joke

    I'll second cocoAspell. It can be configured to filter HTML, TeX, URLs, and e-mail addresses, and also set suggest corrections based on if you are a fast typist and just type things in the wrong order, or if you are a bad speller. It is amazing.
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    Really dumb OmniWeb deficiency

    I'm not doubting you on this, but for what programs is it not command-leftarrow to go to the beginning of the line and command-leftarrow to go to the beginning of the next word? I use and have only a pretty limited set of programs for writing anything (right now TeXShop, iTeXMac, mi, Word 98...