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    could you do this with a pc?

    Not sure what the quark xpress comment means, but this requires some technology that really isn't to my knowledge available onthe pc side... 1. pc laptop with bluetotth built in? anyone? 2. pc laptop with multihoming wireless card? 3. a user friendly UI to set all this up. ;)
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    could you do this with a pc?

    connect to your cell phone via bluetooth, and use it to dial up your isp and act as a wireless modem? with a airport card and lots of free anytime minutes, that is just sick . you could surf anywhere and for next to nothing. :cool: with a powerbook g4 and a sony t68i you could... do any pcs...
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    Looking for a network Time Sheet Application

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think will look on sourceforge for a PHP/MySQl solution... Filemaker is just too proprietary and limiting.
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    Software Update broken in 10.2

    I also have other weird issues... IE is behavng poorly... Not working with the mouse at all really... cna't click links... can't copy to the clipboard... weird!
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    AirPort Software Base Station problems.

    If I have a standard Quicksilver Tower, can I use it as a software base station for an Airport card Equipped iBook? Do I need to buy a Airport card for the tower, too?
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    will 10.2 break mySQL/Postgres/fink/gimp?

    MySQL is also missing Sub-selects, I believe.
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    Who has the best incentives running now?

    I'm interested in buying an iBook as a second computer. (I'm selling my PC to finance it, I'll be Windows free!) The thing is, I know that some people are offering free ram and everyone has that free Epson printer... (I dont need the printer) What I'd like to know is.. who has the best...
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    For all web deisgner and developer.

    Yeah... it's like they intentionally hobbled it's compatibility... perhaps now that this is public, Macromedia will work to get a Mac product out. Why turn down money?
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    OS X logs out when i don't want to! :mad:

    do you have crash loggin enabled in your if not, turn it on and examine the logs to see what messages are being logged... could prove useful.
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    For those who missed the immature actions of our Admin

    this board's constant bickering and politics have dramatically reduced the number and duration of visits i make here. you guys need to make up or get out. stop complaining.
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    A few OSX questions

    For the servers, a good workaround is to create a folder called "Servers" or whatever you would like and then Command+Option drag the mounted servers to the folder to make Aliases... this will allow you to have double click access to them. I put the folder in the dock, and now I can click...
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    How do you make animated gifs in Photoshop 6.0?

    No sharware app will have the features, power and flexibility that Photoshop and Imageready do. You already have the best apps for the task, why use shareware?
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    OS X memory stealing same as OS 9????

    when type "top" into a terminal window, what does it say?
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    OS X logs out when i don't want to! :mad:

    have you added any new RAM lately? many proplems related to unexpected log-outs stem from bad RAM. Search for "unexpected log-outs" on the forums here.... simliar things happened to me, I removed a suspect DIMM and eveything is fine now.
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    USB 2.0 Card...

    It has a Via Logo on the controller chip that is on the board. Do manufacturers of controller cards sell their chips to other resellers? I thought that was a video card thing. I don't really care if i get USB 2.0 sppeds, but a few additional USB 1.1. ports would be nice.