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    Can Firefox disable sound in a Mac?

    That reminds me of a switcher I was helping in the dorms in college. We lived in the same building, so I found new Mac users by leaving the "Rendezvous" connection on in iChat (during the time iChat AV was public beta). He was telling me online that his new 17" PowerBook was getting slow, and he...
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    Anyone really dig the new 'iTunes7 -ified' look of Leopard?

    I actually liked the "striped madness." Of course, I was running it on a Studio Display with a similar appearance, which I'm sure was the whole point. I felt then like the interface took on a much more real 3D look-and-feel, as if it had been carved from the display itself.
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    Safari 3.0 beta

    Ok, so removing Sogudi helped, but I really hope that gets updated soon. I use Sogudi way too often to enjoy life without it. Esp. searching VersionTracker with it! Speaking of VT, I've noticed it seems to load more slowly w/ Safari 3. other pages/sites load faster, but not VT. I wonder why? Of...
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    Safari 3.0 beta

    When I installed and used Safari 3.0 on my intel iMac I found that if I typed something into either the address box or the search box, and hit return or enter, nothing happened. I found the only way to get it to load a site whose address I manually typed in was to then drag the tiny site icon...
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    Iphone no compared to Zune

    I love all the features of the phone, but I hate the Cingular exclusivity. I have Sprint, and I like Sprint. I wouldn't use the cell network for internet access, as I am near WiFi spots most of the time (work and home). It's a shame that they went for that exclusive contract; 1% market would be...
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    The Menu Bar

    I love that idea! Maybe a modifier key combo to trigger it? That would be awesome!
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    Time Machine Speculation

    Yes, always. iSight is a FireWire device; it makes more sense to have a separate one for each system.
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    Apple should NOT do business with BEST BUY

    I read This Article and those it links to when it was originally posted; it seems clear to me a failure on Best Buy's part is somewhat to blame.
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    Bootcamp and 10.5

    That makes sense, as the Itanium was never meant for desktop use. I still will want to see how performance compares.
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    Bootcamp and 10.5

    I just did a search for "g3 xeon" (w/out quotes) on Apple's site, and the result only listed However, the blurb that I guess came from the search database: is very much gone from that page now, which does not make things look promising for the G3...
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    Solid state HDs for Apple?

    They wouldn't be Apple sunglasses. They would be one of the existing products, plugged into a flash-based Mac worn perhaps around your waist or some such. Granted, the best I've found only supports a 640x480 display, but that will improve in time. Heck, if I had a flash-based MacBook, I'd want...
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    Mac OS X 10.5 ideas

    Cool, somebody agrees with me about something ;) And your example is exactly the type of situation I'm talking about. I see your point about the finder integration. However, I want to clarify something: what I was asking for (in an incorrectly worded way) wasn't so much an integration of...
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    Solid state HDs for Apple?

    I have to wonder if a combination of a small flash-based computer would be useful as a wearable computer. It would be light, run cool, and with some companies offering LCD screens in the "sunglasses" form factor (I am merely assuming that these are still on the market) it could prove to have...
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    Mac OS X 10.5 ideas

    So many people keep talking about an Address Book/Mail/iCal/whatever hybrid. I don't get it; the Mozilla people finally figured out that having one giant bloated app isn't necessarily a good idea, hence we have FireFox, ThunderBird, and things like them (Nvu, and I don't recall the calendar...