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    Skype and iPhone Headset

    Go into System Preferences, Open Sound, Select Input Select Mic Input Skype may need to be relaunched to configure the new settings Good Luck :)
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    DNS Problem

    I wouldn't get involved, your email will be full of porn sites in a matter of days or so and get worse over a longer time...
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    MSN not working with anymore!

    Use Adium, not getting those errors and I have read about someone else getting it too, I think the MSN Messenger message might be a bot making people sign into a dodgy site and they could be gathering people usernames and passwords
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    Youtube video's stalling.............

    If it's the case, pause the video until it's completely loaded and then play it ;)
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    Safari on 10.3.9 chuggin' like a Turtle!

    Oh no LOL you might have to go out and get a mouse license and learn which way to steer, so I'd say there is no harm in emptying any cache folder, so do them all and ya should be right ;)
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    Virtual PC Problems...

    Q It's free, Open Source_But may have a slight Network problem, not sure yet still playing with the settings
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    Safari on 10.3.9 chuggin' like a Turtle!

    You may like to try and clean out the cache folder ~user/Library/cache/safari and trash the contents Another trick is to locate Safari in the finder, get info and deselect the languages you don't use, this trick can be done on a number of applications for better performance, such as iPhoto...
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    What's a Good Site for Animated Wallpapers for Mac OS X?

    Just been trying Serene Desktop HD, very nice, it's a 10 day trial and let you download new themes in that period. But I tried unzipping a file once while it was active and had to turn serene off to get the packaged unzipped fully
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    Finder & Desktop problem -- both jumping/disappearing

    I've had that before and found to be be corrupted files on the desktop. The fix was to get hold of path finder and launching that and removing items off the desktop. I hope that can resolve your issue too
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    What's a Good Site for Animated Wallpapers for Mac OS X?

    The best way I've found in Mac OSX is a small app called bgscreensaver in which you can select any screensaver to your liking. It works well on my G4 1.42ghz eMac so I guess it should be fine on your 1.2ghz too ;)
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    Show/hide menu bar?

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    New 24" iMac Photo

    You probably already seen this, as I'm sure it's been posted on this Forum before. But it was the beginning of touch screen which they used OS X with. I wouldn't even go near this neither
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    New 24" iMac Photo

    heheh, well while on the Topic, here's some more Apple Styles
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    New 24" iMac Photo

    I think I've seen this somewhere else before along with half a dozen other Macs gone to some wild imagination This is the artist here