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    iMac with "Two Monitors"

    Just drag the small window to the TV before going into full screen, and it'll use that monitor for full screen. Just to let you know, though; Quicktime leaves fullscreen as soon as it loses focus, so you can't do other stuff in another window except scrolling :P.
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    New to MAC - Internet Sharing

    There are many free Windows proxy solutions you could install to share your Internet. Proxy applications do a better job that Windows Internet Connection Sharing (you can do cool things like shaping access so one computer can/cannot hog all the bandwidth, etc.). I dealt with all that for a...
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    Boot Camp 1.1 won't partition "because some files cannot be moved"

    Incidentally, I was having the same problem with my brother's MacBook Pro. For him, deleting files wasn't the solution. I had read all over the Internet that the problem was with Parallels/Crossover and their images, so we tried moving those files off onto an external, and deleting the...
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    Opening the Finder by clicking on the Finder in the Dock (or clicking on the desktop and choosing File > New Window) opens the currently logged in user's home folder. You can actually change that in Finder's preferences (Finder menu > Preferences, or Cmd+,). Opening the HD icon opens the root...
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    Back slash???

    On a standard US keyboard layout, the backslash key is between the "delete" (read: backspace) and "return" keys.
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    Making a text file in Applescript

    set the_file to (((path to desktop) as string) & "test.txt") as file specification set the_data to "Hey there" as string try open for access the_file with write permission set eof of the_file to 0 write (the_data) to the_file starting at eof close access the_file on error try...
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    What app shall I use to make Car Graphics?

    To answer the original question: if you don't have access to Illustrator (or Freehand), have a look at InkScape, which is free. It's not exactly as powerful, but if you're just dealing with simple outlines that have to be EPS files or something, it might be worth a look at.
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    right clicking on a mac!

    You can right-click on a MacBook or MacBook Pro by putting two fingers on the trackpad and clicking. Very speedy. Holding the option key makes normal things do slightly different stuff. Like Option+Make a new playlist in iTunes makes a smart playlist, and Option+Shut Down means don't show me...
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    cool things a mac can do

    One thing that wasn't mentioned about screenshots, but probably should be is the camera mode. Press Cmd+Shift+4, and then press the Space bar. The cursor will turn to a camera. Now hover the mouse over whatever you want to take the screenshot of. An application's window. The Dock. The...
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    How do I uninstall programs properly?

    AppZapper is a popular solution for uninstalling preference files and related junk as well as the applications themselves. Basically put, the drag-in/drag-out install/uninstall procedure is great for most things: the applications save their preference files and stuff in the Library in your home...
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    Anything other then bootcamp...

    1 and 3: Windows doesn't support Mac hard disks (including Mac-formatted iPods). To make them work in Windows, you'll need software such as MacDrive (Google it). Once you have that, you can access your Mac HD from Windows. You won't be able to write files from OS X onto the PC partition, because...
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    Anything other then bootcamp...

    You can follow the instructions for slipstreaming in Nero under Parallels, then save it as a disk image, and burn the disc image in Toast under OS X.
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    Microsoft Doesn't Care about Apple...

    I can't speak for the US, but in Australia, the places which sell both Macs and PCs really *really* push the PCs. That's primarily because the salespeople get a huge commission on PCs and a tiny one on a Mac. Margins on PCs are pretty much set to whatever a company likes. On Macs, they're...
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    Image Capture: Which scanners work with it

    Surprised your LiDE 50 doesn't work: my LiDE 25 does.