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    startup disc is almost fulll

    It means that the disk or partition that the disk boots from is almost full, so yes it could be the amount of stuff you have saved on your computer. If you have a separate partition you could move some of your stuff to there to free up some space. Also I believe there are some utilities that you...
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    Apple confirms: Lion arriving on July 20th

    That's what I thought, but surprisingly my copy should be down in around 10 minutes time. About 35 minutes total so it might be worth giving it a go now.
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    How to install Oracle on MacOSX

    Try the instructions at this URL as there is now a version of Oracle 10g for Intel Macs, it is not for those who are afraid of the command line though.
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    Internet Tethering from iPhone to iPad

    Nope, won't work according to Steve. See here :
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    Permission Issue

    That would be the problem, NTFS is only supported for read access on the Mac. You will need to re-partition using Disk Utility to either HFS+ if you only need Mac access or FAT32(MS-DOS) if you need read/write access from both OSX and Windows.
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    Sharp AR-M450N Printer Problems

    Not a helpful one of get a new printer. I have several Sharp network printers here on site and can confirm they need the extra Postscript options installed to even stand a chance of printing much from a Mac, PCs do not need this option installed. Drivers from Sharp can then be installed on...
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    os X clients cannot log into AD domain

    As a start with one of the students who could previously login try unplugging the network cable and then getting them to try again with an older password if they have recently changed theirs. I have come across this with 10.5 where the AD password is changed and then the Mac will not accept...
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    The Microsoft viral attempt

    I agree Satcomer, the trouble is in my local store most people are not buying anything, they're just getting their regular Facebook and Twitter fix as they seem to be unable to make it through a short shopping trip without it.
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    ARD command to edit etc/hosts

    The easiest way I have found is to modify the /etc/hosts file on your ARD system. Then use Automater to find that file on your system and copy it to the top level of the drive on your target system. Then use the rm command to remove the existing files and cp to copy the new files from the...
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    VMWARE Fusion

    I have been using VMWare Fusion 2 on 10.6 with no issues that I can see.
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    upgrading to 10.5.6 from 10.4.11?

    I would stick with 10.4 if you can, I have installed 10.5 on a couple of machines with the same specifications as yours and they have really struggled, especially with more than one application open or doing stuff like image manipulation.
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    Snow Leopard: Will developers buy in?

    Nope, Photoshop CS3 works fine under the current Snow Leopard Build.
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    Need help

    Yes, there is an imaging tool with OSX server. You can just connect your iMac in target disk mode and pull the image off it as either a netboot or net install image. Note you need to be using at least 10.5.6 if you have Leopard systems to prevent an issue with kerberos.
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    iphoto issues

    You could try repairing permissions via disk utility to see if the resolves the issue. If not try logging in as another user and see if the problem still occurs, this will determine if the application is at fault. If this works move your iPhoto library from its default location which will...
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    Album artwork is in chaos

    I have had this a couple of times. Sometimes setting the Album Artist to be the same for all will resolve it. First make sure there is nothing obvious by making the album title to be identical for all tracks. I have been caught out once by trailing spaces.