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    How to convert between date formats on the command line

    Hmm... it looks like the shell utilities that are shipped with OS X aren't standard. Sorry I can't help more as I don't have my Mac with me.
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    How to convert between date formats on the command line

    Try this: date --date='2012-01-31 18:54:55 +0000' +'%a %b %d %T %Z %Y' That code produces "Tue Jan 31 18:54:55 GMT 2012" which is presumably what you're after.
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    Is Apple overcharging non US customers?

    This is not only limited to Apple. Many other companies do the same thing and it's hard to not to feel ripped off. It's not just computer companies, but everyone else. Canon and Nikon come to mind...
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    self = [super init]; // please explain

    class A { public: A() {} }; class B : public A { B() : A() //call base class constructor { } }; That's essentially what the Objective-C code you pasted does. It calls the base (or super class in Objective-C parlance) class constructor.
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    Programing for beginners

    You're not supposed to type code directly into the terminal. You're supposed to type it into a text editor and then save it as a .c file. So open up a text editor like TextEdit (make sure that it isn't saving in RichText), type in the code, save it into a file with .c as an extension (e.g...
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    Wall Street & the handwriting on the wall

    That assumes something to dumb down in the first place. ;)
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    Wall Street & the handwriting on the wall

    What I don't get is, why are our town councils investing money in Icelandic banks? Why can't they use local banks? And even more pressing, town councils have money to put in banks?! They're forever trying to increase my council tax claiming they need more funds to operate and now I see that...
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    Wall Street & the handwriting on the wall

    The SNL skit on the current crisis that got pulled. I laughed so hard and then I cried. Like Satcomer said, our chickens have come home to roost. While it's fashionable in Europe to bash the US, this time Europe needs to shoulder its own share of...
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    G1: htc questions...

    Do you really think that Google had nothing to do with the design of the G1? Especially when it will be the first phone that will showcase their Android platform?
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    G1: htc questions...

    Oh the irony. They tout an open platform and ship the phone with a proprietary headphone jack which works with (practically) nothing. Way to drop the ball Google.
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    The Way to Transfer Large Files

    ROFLMAO. I need to visit this site more!
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    Installing Mono 1.9.1 on Leopard ?

    What "mono alias" are you trying to execute? To compile your C# files, you type "mcs you_file.cs" or even "mcs *.cs -o output.exe" To execute your compiled program, you type "mono output.exe"
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    can I claim new battery??

    The cycle count of 548 is rather high and as you've said that the battery isn't one of those that are announced for recall.
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    Mac Sleeps but doesn't wake up.

    How did you perform the upgrade? Was it an archive and install, or did you do a real upgrade that upgraded everything in place?
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    How much time on MacBook Pro unplugged

    That sounds about right, as it means you'll get about 3 hours 30 minutes use on a single charge. Don't believe Apple's stupid quote of 5 hours since that's never with typical use. If you want to maximise your battery life, drop the screen brightness to at least half, reduce the volume of your...