10.7.4 security concern


I have been experimenting with os x, it's delicious....

So anyway i find myself browisng a lot of porn, not downloading but viewing tgp sites and going from site to site, it's usually mature porn, i can sort of say i'm addicted to internet porn, being the lonely above average looking middle height middle aged man.....too many details sorry

sometimes sites load with a url but show a blank page obviously on windows this is a attack/payload site to deliver malware.

I'm just highly paranoid about the security of 10.7.4 - i know it apparently isn't prone to viruses like windows but what about trojans? RATS - remote administration tools, rootkits, etc.....Drive by downloads.....

i have noticed kaspersky exists for mac....
Now that you have told us more than we need to know....

Read this:
"OS X doesn't get virus attacks. OS X users are only hit by Trojans. An OS x user must give their username & password to a Trojan for it to install.

One trick is if you use Safari is to go Safari's Preferences and uncheck the box for "Open "safe" files after downloading". This will stop Trojans from unpacking automatically when visiting a nefarious web site.”

Enough said.
One: use Safari's menu item 'Safari' and select "Private Browsing..." .

Two: Download either the cache cleaning program YASU Yet Another System Utility or Onyx and run the all the cache cleaning routine about once every three months. Doing this will clear all those Tracking cookies and internet cache.

Three: Then change your DNS with somethings like OpenDNS and control your own DNS! You can even see an instructional video on how to use OpenDNS.

Lastly if you use Safari use Safari Extensions and get something like Adblock & Ghostly or Do Not Track. This will stop unscrupulous web site programmers from putting the new tracking cookie on you.

One more thing. Join you local religious institution and get off your foible!
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Firefox just isn't the great browser that it was a few years ago.
How is your experience with Safari?
Or - I like to use Chrome for various purposes.
Those are a couple of many alternate browsers, and Safari, having webkit as its base, is a pretty solid browser now...
I hope this doesn't start up the "browser war" - just sharing a personal opinion...
noodles, for extra safety, you might want to create yourself a non-administrator user and use that for your daily tasks.
Private browsing mode for sure for any ... umm, special browsing.
There are also a lot of Safari extensions for privacy and security nowadays (as there are for other browsers too). I recommend at least Do Not Track Plus to be on even when you are browsing the more normal stuff too.
One of the great things about Firefox is its huge world of addons and features and its of course it is open source, free software.

There are several things you (or anyone) can do to lessen the risk of infection... digitally i mean :)

Ideally, use a Linux Live CD, Linux Mint is good, tho it may not use your wifi. the OS runs off CD and is not really vulnerable to infection.
Your Mac wont even notice. very safe.

If Your Mac cant boot Linux then first thing, as mentioned earlier, make a password protected, disposable limited user account & disable any browser addons you dont need, so that'll be everything almost, unless you watch movies, flash. disable java. do not use the account for online purchasing

Use a nice free antivirus for Mac.

I personally consider NoScript ESSENTIAL on any computer,
its amazing, but can, if you dont 'get it' - break your browsing
experience, at first anyway.
also Adblock Plus - or equivalent

just my 2c
Yep, bootable Live Linux CD that includes Firefox, Adobe Flash, etc. it boots to RAM and is impossible to get infected. You can install VirtualBox and run the Live CD in a virtual machine so you don't have to reboot. This is how I do security testing, by using a virtual machine. It is the only way to surf the seedy underbelly of the Internet safely. It is like driving a remote control bomb disposal robot!

Mac OS X is not invincible. There have been phony Flash update Trojans and a serious Java vulnerability that Apple was slow to fix. Also, don't pirate software, much of it contains malicious payloads.