17" 1G powerbook wont boot up 10.2?


hi my powerbook is playing up.
started about a week ago - kept getting grey restart screen. got files I need off it using target mode. gave it to a guy to have a look at and decided was beat to wipe all and reinstall 10.2. he wiped it but now it wont boot from disc. any ideas? (can run hardware test and says all is ok)


alan nous
is actually 10.2.6 I'm tryin to run (came with pbook). can get to a grey screen with apple logo (after selecting install osX option) and circle thingie spins for a bit then I get a big glitch running horizontally across screen....
Try to boot with the Apple Hardware Test. You'll find that on the label of one of the disks that shipped with the PowerBook, along with simple directions to boot to that test. Run the test, and check for any errors that show up.
have already ran hardware test (basic & adv.) and it says everything is ok. am thinking it cant be a prob with the superdrive cause Hware test runs ok. dont think it is a HD issue cause can go into target mode. have opened firmware and reset NVRAM. dont think boot/OS dvd is faulty - no scratches
have also reset the PRAM..

surely it should just boot from the disc if I restart and hold down C?

why do you thik its a hardware issue FRYKE?
Got any 3rd party RAM in that machine? Try returning the machine to an "as-stock-as-possible" configuration and see if it'll boot then.
just have the 512RAM it came with.
Try returning the machine to an "as-stock-as-possible" configuration and see if it'll boot then. - any ideas how I do that?
I meant in terms of hardware -- get rid of any connected USB devices, remove 3rd party RAM, use the original hard drive, etc. -- like you just unpacked it the day you got it. It sounds like you've pretty much done that...

You say the screen gets "garbled" or something like that part-way through the boot process -- that sounds like a kernel panic or a hard crash. Mac OS X Install CDs are as close to a "perfect" image of OS X as you can get, so software problems aren't a factor here. I think that's what fryke meant when he said, "hardware problems."
a kernel panic? not exactly sure what that is.
a hard crash? wouldnt the hardware test pick this up?
do you think I need to send it to an apple repair shop?
cheers for all the help
A kernel panic is akin to a blue screen of death under Windows. It's UNIX crashing. Usually happens when a bad memory module is installed or some system-level file that the system uses is corrupt or missing.

If you have a spare memory module, you may swap the chips and see if it'll get father in the boot process. Otherwise, I'm pretty much out of ideas -- if you can't boot from the original CDs that came with the computer, then I would second fryke's thinking that it's hardware-related. Without other RAM modules to try and other hard drives to test with, it's kinda hard to troubleshoot this kind of problem.
my mate has a 15" Pbook. wonder if the ram is compatable with mine? will take out my RAM and reinsert it just to make sure it hasnt come out. how come the hardware test says the RAM is ok?