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Born on the 12th. He's our first, and we just got him home. He's doing great!

His name is Skyler.


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Congratulations! While it might be a hair-raising experience as a first-time parent, enjoy it as much as you can. The time flies quicker than you can imagine (I have a 7-monther, a 3 year old, and a 6 year old)! :)


Your child will take over your life and it will be the most enriching experience you can ever have.


Too tempting , I'm going to make the show I would have put up years ago , visiting my maternity ward , in full white attire with my mid-wife at my elbow and students aroud :
"Nice job , madam ...Not bad at all ( most mediterranean-cultured people don't like to hear their child praised aroud , it brings up the bad eye ...)...You did well not to use a dazzling flash , very thouhtfull of you ...Hmmm , "Skyler"...Did you have "Skylark" in mind ? Nice bird , the skylark , first to raise high in the sky to see if the sun is up , very good symbol: early bird gets the worm , sun-fetcher , tries to overreach ...Hmmm , Baby has a nice greedy mouth ...8p2oz , very nice for a first b...Nurse , please check blood-glucose , both mother's and child's ...And baby has the intellectual hair implantation . Could you send me a note when he gets into Harvard , just to check if my premonition was right ?... " .
signed vanostade
PS : Rhisiart , old Swansea black swan , got some more MDs' yarn ?

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Congrats! My first child (son) is due on Feb 29th! Two months ago I started a thread asking if anyone knew of any websites where I could get cool Mac shirts or "nerdy" shirts/onesies of somekind. I decided to get a few onesies made with the word iBaby on them and the Apple logo.