Add or subtract


I was watching the word association thread, especially the past 10 or so posts and I had an idea that might get play - add or subtract.

A while ago the word was not, which Chevy replied with note which became Eton then tone then tune.

What if the association word has to add or subtract exactly 0 or 1 lettter. Replacing one letter is permitted. (Though technically it is adding and subtracting)

So tone could become tones then ethos them soothe then those then these then seethe and who knows where next.

Tune could become true which could become route which could become trout etc.

So we can start with…
So basically we only play with letters, not with meaning or (crazy) association of ideas or sounds.

petty -> Pett
(This is a NEW fun thread, (review the OP): add or subtract (or replace) (hopefully) only ONE letter at a time... so, from "tab" )