This man has posted 1816 times the last time I checked!!!!!
AdmiralAK, are you night and day at this forum :D

May I ask how old you are, AdmiralAK?
Do you have a job?
Do you have a social live, hehe:D

I think the Admins of should give you a golden apple or something, or a golden X!

AdmiralAK probably has a built-in alarm so that every time a new post is posted he gets beeped :) Very useful, unless of course there's a really popular discussion and you're having dinner. Other possibilities are he's a techie and from my own experience, it can be such a relief to share your personal expertise with people who understand you and care about the info you have to give ...

I'd go for the techie explanation :) The full time techie where I work has a games forum where he's admin and he posts all the time when he's about to kick a PC to pieces :)


PS: What's this thread doing in Mac OS X Troubleshooting?
first off: LOL You people crack me up :p

second, to answer all your questions:
1) I have a full time job
2) I am a full time university student
3) I think I have a social life
4) No Girlfriend (dumped the last one for being VERY immature and indicicive)
5) Troubleshoot about admiralak ?:confused: whaaattt:confused:
Hmm, sorry ... I thought I clicked the Troubleshooting forum ... I really did!!! No really, I did!!! No, not the men with white coats again! Noooooooooooo (although I DO like the white jacket with long long sleeves)

The entire time I've been on this board, I always assumed AdmiralAK WAS an admin, just because of the sheer volume and quality of his posts.

You mean he's not?

My world.. my whole dadgummed world.... just came crashing down around me
I can get you a white vest if you want? No? Sure? They give you nice food when you're with the men with the white vests :) Anyway, the medication's nice too :) lol
Anyway, I think he's not, he's just "one of us" to say it like that :) At least, I think. Maybe he has some Borg parts but I'm not sure about that, which number were you again AdmiralAK?

Admiral is the pimp he has always been there for me when i was drunk or just having problems with my programming, member that admiral?:p
Hey AdmiralAK,

Why are you not a Admin on this forum??
1820+/- posts:eek:, I bet you have 3 times more posts than the's Admins!

What's your goal? 2000?

There is no goal I think ... I'm touched, such a noble spirit ... His goal shall be the infinite ping! Good luck on your quest AdmiralAK! (who voluntarely accepted to go on the quest to find the Holy Ping) :)

I Salute You!
.anerki is admirals crack! He's a junkie and he just can't kick the habit, and he is a wealth of knowledge and laughs (see ecxuse me may I cus in the others forum)
lol...such a big interest in me ;)

I am not an Admin .. nor do I have Borg implants... RESISTANCE IS FUTILE...eerr..sorry I spaced out ! what was I saying ? oh yes, not borg implants,

as for the infinite ping... does that have to do with apple's infinite loop ? are they secretly hidding the holly grail...the lost arc ?? dammit I knew it :p

As for whitesaint.. I remember the drunked coding...
Its an art that must be drunked style kung fu :p
I can have 3 shots and a screwdriver and still code workable code...
--> tidbit: creative when exposed to loud music and moderate alcohol consumption <--

--> To boldly post where no macosexer has posted before