Airport Extreme Connectivity Issues


OK....I have recently converted from PC to Mac. Got a MacBook Air and really like it (still getting used to some commands). The old Cisco router did not seem happy with the switch, but it was time to upgrade anyway, so now have the Airport Extreme. Have connected three Mac's, 3 iPads, and an HP laptop (used for work file archive purposes - almost an external HD). But two items do not connect. Our iPhones won't connect. They detect the network and I enter the correct password, but it won't connect. Same thing with my HP 8600 printer - it used to connect fine to the old Cisco boat anchor, but now it detects the new network but when I enter password, it spins for awhile and is unable to connect. We really depend upon this printer and want to keep the ability to print wireless. Any suggestions/help?


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If these iPhones the older model or the current 3rd Generation? I ask because until the latest wireless chip the older iPhones didn't do the 5 GHz standard let, just the 2.4 frequencies. So make sure in the extreme you setup the wireless fo those devices too.
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I am having a similar problem with a HP 7410 and the airport extreme. It seems my printer only wants a WEP passphrase and my extreme doesn't use this format. I hope there is a workaround as I too, depend on this printer wirelessly. I hate to have to ad a USB cable for this. I am going to subscribe to your post. You may want to do the same to mine. One answer may help us both.


Who double posted? I am assuming you are talking about me. I didn't double post anything. If you read a post and it doesn't concern you, why don't you just move on? I wasn't talking to you in the first place. Merely, suggesting that similar problems may have similar answers.

I doubt I am the first person you have had that to say to, so why don't you stop double posting yourself!


I think that MisterMe was likely referring to the other thread, where you posted an almost identical question. Here it is, if you don't remember...

posters will sometimes post the same question to more than one thread, hoping that it will lead to more responses - but doesn't really have that effect. As you can see, it can even result in fewer responses, because the thread deteriorates rather quickly to a SHOUTING match - not too effective for good answers
And - that's why a few here might respond by assuming that a double-post is a waste of effort.

It is, in fact, a reasonable time-saver to provide a standard (boiler-plate) response, as some questions are asked frequently - and the answer would not be considered a double-post, eh?
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