Apple drops Java


There is a article in the Huff Post Tech... about a problem with Java after experts warn
Mac users on its Security.. My question is ... do i get rid of java? there a real security
problem?..And will i have a problem getting into certain websites without using java?
Thank you for any information... This article was found on aol news page and from Reuters
if that helps any...oct 20th 2012..


The only person who can answer most of your questions - is you...
Currently, java has some security issues, which may or may not affect you directly.
My view is - if you need java, use it. If you don't need java, then get rid of it. Your browser will then remind you (by means of a "missing plug-in" message - or something similar) if you actually do need java. So, it depends on which sites you use.
There are also a few apps that are java apps, but relatively uncommon, I think.
You may find out that you can get by without Java completely.


I turned off Java a few month back when the scare was first mentioned. I've never been asked to enable it on any of the dozens of websites I visit.


I have had java (not javascript) disabled for more than 2 years and have never been told I needed it for anything that I was interested in. In Safari, Flash is turned off too and i just use firefox or chrome for flash stuff (about 1/3 of the videos I want to see), then close it when I'm done.


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I keep it installed, but I have all my browsers set to only run plugins on demand. If I just click a link to a Java applet, it won't load.

I still need Java for desktop apps, so I won't uninstall it, but on the web I can't remember the last time I used it.