AppleTV, AppleTV 3 and Handbrake


I have an original AppleTV in the living room and I'm considering getting a new AppleTV 3 for the bedroom. I've converted a large portion of my DVD collection for the AppleTV with Handbrake using the AppleTV preset and they work fine.

I notice that there are also presets for AppleTV 2 and AppleTV 3. Is it absolutely necessary to re-convert my previous files for AppleTV 3 or will they work as is? What do I gain if I re-convert them? What do I lose if I don't? And if I do re-convert them, will they still work fine on my original AppleTV?

Thanks in advance.
Your going to have to experiment and see if this still works. I believe it is the difference between 720 and 1080 difference between the two AppleTVs.
Movies converted for your old AppleTV will work just fine on the new AppleTV 3. You just may not be enjoying the higher resolutions (1080p) available in the AppleTV 3 that the old AppleTV doesn't support.

Movies converted using Handbrake under the "AppleTV 3" preset may NOT work on your older AppleTV, though.
Thanks for your responses. Your information was helpful. Now I can make a more informed decision.

Thanks again.