Bluetooth not connecting


I have a iphone4 and have been able to use my bluetooth in my car... but a few days ago it wasnt working right
now i keep getting a message...devices..and under that it says... searching.. and under that its saying..Now Discoverable
and the little spinner keeps spinning...if i turn off bluetooth on my iPhone the message stops... I dont know what now discoverable means
i havent updated my iphone to OS 6... so i dont know if thats the reason for my problem?.. but i need the bluetooth for my
car... Any help would be great.... asap...Please... thank you
The "Now Discoverable" message means that the iPhone's Bluetooth is ready to connect to something else.
I'm not sure how the in-car bluetooth works, but there may be a way to test that, or maybe a reset of the in-car bluetooth radio - and not just your iPhone?
Maybe you could try a friend's bluetooth phone, to see if THEY can use your car's bluetooth, just to test the setup in your car...