Broken Arrow - First Episode


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Did anyone else watch it? What do you think?

I thought the theme song was pretty lame. Over all, I think the show has great potential.

1) The show is great :D
2) The theme song sucks
3) That vulcan chick is nice there any chance me an her... ?? lol :p

Originally posted by AdmiralAK

3) That vulcan chick is nice there any chance me an her... ?? lol :p


Doubt it. Vulcans have that 7 year Pon-Far thing, remember? Or is that only the males? Maybe if you catch her at the right time... ;) Anyway, I definitely enjoyed the show. May even watch it on a regular basis! :)
I think it has a lot of potential, and was definitely way better than any episode of Voyager I'd seen. I think the most interesting aspect of the show was how they were trying to show a midpoint in the timeline for technology and society.

One thing I am worried about, though, is that a big goal of Enterprise's is to get new viewers who have been scared off by the massive background history in the later Star Trek universe, and also I think people who have been scared off by Voyager especially. I saw a bit of Voyager in there, so I'm hoping they can walk it off.
I bet she will be away from Vulcanus or whatever and have to have her pon-far with a human!

that would be funny

The theme song does suck. I expected more of a classical theme, like the other series have had. Or maybe a techno mix... but not this. They are definitely trying to appeal to a different audience.

And I have to agree, its got a lot of potential (but I thought Voyager did.. and in a way it did, but it didn't end how I wanted it to).

If someone can get me the video to the theme, I'll try and write another one... that would be fun!

PS: anyone know how to take an apple pro mouse apart? I wanna see it from the inside
What times/channels is this show on? I'm not a fan of any Star Trek, except for you hink I would enjoy Enterprise?
Broken Arrow? When I first saw the title of this post I immediately thought that John Travolta movie called Broken Arrow. I was thinking 'what the heck? why are they discussing this on a Mac OSX website?' Then I saw the word, "The Enterprise," "Voyager" and "Vulcan," then I realized what you are talking about.

Anyways, don't mind me, just wanted to say that...ok I'll shut up now and let you get back to your Star Trek discussion or whatever it is.
Get the latest issue of Maxim... Got NICE photos of Blalock (the Vulcan Chick) and other females.

I have a subscription so I don't know if it's in stores yet. And I DO read it MOSTLY for the articles.

Also, it subscribes to my feeling that skillfully/artfully concealed nudity is a much bigger turn on than that playboy/hustler/biker-chicks-on-heroin genre of magazine.

Oh, the show's on UPN everywhere i think. In boston it's on at 8pm, so adjust for your timezone.
Related to my prev post about Maxim...

in the gadget guide this month, they have 4 things I'm thinking of getting and would like any feedback if you have them and/or know about their mac compatability:

1) The Archos ( mp3 player / portable USB hard drive. They list the 6Gig model but there is a 20 gig model for only a little more. Anyone use this with os X w/ success? I really want to be able to justify the purchase w/ my wife and if the Hard disk is recognized in os X, I can. My laptop (she stole my tiBook after one day!), an old Bronze, has a small HD and limited firewire capability (a pcmcia card that's on again-off again)...

2) The i-Cybie robot dog. OK, There's no way I'll justify this $200 purchase to my wife but a man needs his toys. anyone have one?

3) the Tube amp. Yes, a real vaccuum tube! And, it's all exposed so as they say, "You're guaranteed to get laid with one of these." How's the output?

4) the sprintpcs / samsung I300 phone PDA. They don't have them yet at sprint and the Franklin St. Sprint Store here near my office doesn't either... Availability? Function? How much of a hassle is NOT having a numeric keypad and having to enter the phone #s on the screen??

Sorry, but had to ask. And all us Trek fans are into gadgets, right?
I thought the first episode was ok, not much to write home about. I don't mind Scott Bakula so much since I never really saw him in anything else. I was never a Quantum Leap fan. I guess my reaction to this first episode was better than it was for TNG, Voyager and DS9 combined. I only really appreciated DS9 after the Dominion problems came into the story line. Never thought to see so much destruction in a Trek show. Many of the effects were truly of cinematic quality. As for the theme song kinda reminds me of StarDate 90210. The producers have said they're trying to reach a new kinda Trek audience, not just the traditional geeks. That's why you also got to see closeups of some sweet Vulcan flesh from day one. Everyone knows the impact 7of9 had on Voyager for its ratings. This Vulcan chick show more skin the first time out than any previous show ever did.
As for the technical side of it. Wonder how the first starship ever built looks so much more streamlined than the even the original Enterprise, despite this timeframe being so far back before Kirk's time. Actually if you are hokk on the effects you'll notice that this starship has been seen before on DS9 and TNG with some slight modification of course. But it is the same. I also saw it in First Contact.
I have that Star Trek starship design app somewhere on CD. I thought that ship looked familiar! When I get home tonight, I'll install and see if I can't make NX-01.

Also, I understand the "new audience" stuff, but come on! I don't care who you are, that song sucks. My wife isn't really a trek fan - she puts up with it when I watch... BUT, she loves this new show.

Her only comment last week:

"What the hell is this crap!?" - referring to the theme song. I think she'd count as a "new audience" member.:)
I liked that ship they had on voayger, the one they showed that could do multi vector attacks, the episode when the EMH1 met the EMH2 ;)
Oh yeah! forgot about that one...

What was it's designation and name? Do you remember? For some reason "Intrepid" comes to mind.

Andy Dick was a great EMH2!

You know, it's always been a dream of mine to get a walk-on role in one of the trek episodes. Anyone from SmelLA read this? Hook me up.
Intrepid was voyager's classification.
I cant remember the other ships classification.

I would not mind a walk on roll myself ;)
Can I be the vulcan that goes through a PumFar with T'Pol ? :p
Come on... please ??? I live in boston too :p

Have you been to the Northshore Mall Apple Store? I've only been once and loved it! Also, I had never even considered going to that mall until apple opened their store. But, Jesus, that mall is huge! It's like an smellLA mall.

I live in East Boston (they tell me I'm now cool as Eastie is fast becoming the new trendy place to live), so it's like an hour away from me. Can't wait for the Cambridge location. Whatta you you think? Harvard Square?
I went to the apple store like a week after it opened.
It blew me away! I really liked the store and the mall wasnt half bad :)

I also live about 45min to an hour from that mall. I think the better place to put a mac store is in the Braintree mall. That place has a circuit city and a CC express, so no mac representation other than the little software provided by the software hut and one other place that I cannot remember at the moment (dang! The last time I went to that mall was when my now X was visting me.... last time passes by)

I wouldnt have a problem if it opened in cambridge. Its been 6 years since I've been to teh cambrisge side galleria so I dont know about teh parking situation. Last time I went to Harvard Square (also last january) parking was HORRIBLE!

The apple store needs to be accessible lol.