Can No Longer Drag Email From Inbox To Mailbox Subdirectory


On MCBpro, after upgrade to Sierra, can no longer drag an email from my inbox and drop this email directly into a sub-directory of an other mailbox.
Thank you for 'proven to work' suggestions
Go to Message in the menu and select Move to after you click just once on the email to highlight it. The Move to should give you the list of all your sub directory folders.
Dear Cheryl,
Thank you for taking the trouble to respond to my question.
The solution mentioned in your answer, does work in Sierra and has always worked before.
regrettably so, your suggestion is not an answer to my question.
What I can no longer do in Sierra is:
click on an eMail which is located in my inbox
and then drag this email from the inbox, to an other mailbox
and then drop this email in the desired sub-directory
which is automatically displayed, as soon as my mouse hovers over this mailbox/sub-directory.
Please note that my mailbox sub-directories can sometimes be 'four levels deep'.
I hope this better illustrates the problem I encounter in Sierra, which I did have before.
Thank you!
Was this an upgrade from El Capitan to Sierra or an update on Sierra? Have you tried quitting Mail, then launch it, then give it a try?

Next steps: Quit all apps you have running, restart the computer, then give Mail a new try.
OR: Go to Apple’s site here --->
And download and install the Combo update for 10.12.4

That should correct the issue.
Dear Cheryl, good day,
Once more my thanks for your response.
Because I'm rather conservative with upgrading
my upgrade to Sierra, came from Mountain Lion (10.8.5).
My present problems confirm to me that I should be even more patient in the future.
Yes, I have quit Mail and relaunched it.
No, it did not solve the problem.
Yes, I have quit all apps and yes, I restarted the computer and yes, I gave Mail a new try.
No, it did not solve the problem.
Yes, the Combo update 10.12.4 was downloaded and installed (after upgrading to Sierra).
No, it did not solve the problem.
No, the issue has not (yet) been corrected.
Please allow me the following question:
On your (Mac I assume) computer,
can you drag an eMail from your eMail inbox
and drop this same eMail in the sub-directory of an other Mailbox
in one smooth and uninterrupted action, without any additional clicks?

Do you perhaps know if Apple is even aware of this problem,
let alone interested/committed to solve this problem?

On a more philosophical note;
whereas on the one hand I agree
that developing new software for Apple's first selfdriving car
is far more sexier than solving an old eMail drag & drop problem,
Apple should never forget, that buyers of the old, make possible the new.
One of these days I might send you a (polaroid) image
of my six years old daughter playing with my Apple ||e
(complete with 80 characters display and IBM 8" floppy drive).
This is the first I have heard of a problem with Mail and Sierra. And I have to admit, I do not use the drag and drop method when moving emails that I want to save. I use the pull down menu from my Mail's tool bar.

Does drag and drop work with other apps or on your desktop? Can you drag a photo from the desktop to an email? Or a document to a folder?

I searched Apple’s discussion site and could not find anything even similar to your problem.
Dear Cheryl,
Thank you for your frank response.
You don't use the drag & drop method when moving emails that you want to save.
Fair enough,
but if you wanted to use this method (and save time in the process)
I dearly want to know if such method works on your hardware+software?
Yes, drag & drop works fine, everywhere else.
My conclusion?
Hardluck on me.
Unless you discover information which might solve my problem
I am prepared to close this thread
with sincere thanks for your assistance.
Sincerely yours
I don't often do this (drag a message from inbox to another mailbox).
I usually just use the right-click on the email message that I want to move, then choose the Move command, which shows the whole hierarchy of mail folders. Keep in mind that I have a couple that go as many as 4 levels deep, but going through that menu works every time.
I then tried to drag across from inbox to some other mailbox. Doesn't work (won't show nested folders), unless I un-nest the folders first (clicking the reveal triangle for the needed folder level first.) And, then I can do your "one smooth and uninterrupted action, without any additional clicks."
Works, but I have to "prepare the path" first, with the reveal triangles.
If that's what you have to do, it seems a little bothersome to me, particularly when a simple right-click allows me to move directly to a nested folder.

In Mail Preferences, Viewing tab, do you use "Classic Layout", or leave that unchecked to get the default, newer style message display?
I greatly prefer the Classic Layout, and is all that I use. Perhaps that is the difference for you?
We don’t close threads because others can chime in to offer assistance. (like Delta :) )

I also work in the classic layout, and yes, dragging an email does work for me.
Thank you Cheryl + DeltaMac for chiming in.
hmmm ... interesting ...
Cheryl + DeltaMac + Eurob = classic layout
works for Cheryl,
does not work for DeltaMac:
I love to know why
assuming all else being equal,
or not?
Delta said he uses Classic Layout. "I greatly prefer the Classic Layout, and is all that I use.”
Well, this is odd...

I thought that I would give it a try, and I can drag and drop e-mails from the inbox list to any folder. The folder turned blue and the message moved to the destination folder.

Then I went to do it again a bit later and the destination folder didn't turn blue. I assumed that Eurob was right, but then I found that the messages were moving to the destination but it didn't look like it while you were doing it.

For bigger messages, the "Moving Message" with the progress bar appeared at the bottom of the sidebar.

MacBookPro with 10.12.4
Just quit and restarted Mail and it's back to normal.


Mail seems to bad things if it's open for more than 24 hours! I had to change my Mail habits to close it just before leaving work, home to keep it running well.