Cannon Scanner And El Capitan Security Update 002 2018


Canon 9000F scanner with the latest drivers.Using the Canon scanner app.
When I do a preview I can no longer select an area to scan. The driver also crashes randomly.
I tried safe mode and a new account with the same result. Canon and Apple had no suggestions.

Any one else have this problem? Anyone know of any solutions?


The download site that riska anisa links is for a third-party download site (not Canon - other than the web page name) which does not offer the latest software.
For example, that site offers version 16.1.0a, nearly a year after Canon official site shows the current version as 16.1.0b (the minor difference in version number might actually be important to the user)

As is often seen, it's one of the sites that offer updates for lots of different manufacturers, and one of those sites that make you remember that you should always try the real manufacturer's support first.
One should always be cautious when downloading driver software from sites that are not controlled by the manufacturer.


I had the same problem same hardware. Get the latest Apple security update 003 or 004. That fixed the problem for me.