closing the lid causes issues with external monitors


I have a Dell D6000 Universal Docking station and I connected it to my MacBook Pro 13’ 2020 (Four Thunderbolt 3 ports). I connected a monitor on the:

HDMI port: 1920x1080
DisplayPort: 1280x1024

I downloaded the latest Catalina DisplayLink drivers, the desktop is extended and everything is working just fine. The problem starts when I close the lid of the laptop. I prefer using only the external monitors, so I need it closed.

As soon as I close the lid, the 2 external monitors star behaving very strange. Every couple of minutes they lose their signal, and it takes them a couple of minutes to get it back. Also, I can see that the laptop monitor is still shown in the display’s arrangement, even though the lid is closed.


Of course, this is a problem because I can’t work when my monitors lose their signal every 2 minutes.

I know this is not an issue with the Dell D6000, or the external monitors, or their signal cables, or a DisplayLink driver, because when the lid is open, everything is working just fine.

This has to be a Catalina setting somewhere affecting the way the laptop behaves with its lid closed.

Any idea what could the issue be?


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Sense you you have CAT then go into System Preference->Security Pane and make sure you give permission to run!