Coffee Coffee Coffee!!!!!!!!

What Kind of Coffee do you prefer ?

  • Dripped Coffee

  • Frappé

  • Espresso Regular

  • Cappuccino

  • (Espresso) Americano

  • Espresso Ristretto

  • Frappuccino/coolata kind of coffee

  • Greek/Turkish

  • Dripped + Iced (typical Iced coffee found in the USA)

  • I dont like coffee!!!!!!!!

  • Latte

  • Other (or more), specify

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Simply Daemonic
I love coffeee!!!
Do you ???
What kind do you prefer to drink ?
I prefer frappé ( freeze dried coffee beaten in a martini mixer with sugar and water, served with ice, (optional: milk if you like your coffee light, or baileys if you like the taste of it ;) )

Frappé --> the modern greek coffee of choice ;)


PS1) If you have any other kinds you like list em
PS2) Term explanation:
Espresso Regular: self explanatory
Espresso Americano: Watered down espresso
Espresso Ristretto: Espresso wil less liquid, more gooey coffee..VERY STRONG!
Who the hell said they didn't like coffee????

Without my espresso machine and my 2 daily trips to the local coffee shop I couldn't lift a finger
Just covering all bases ;)
My mother cant go without having a full mug of coffee with her all day long -- Something about bringing her pressure up lol...she has gotten so used to it she needs it and the doctor recommended it ha ha ha :p ... I wonder if it is covered by insurance ;)

I wonder if I would get flamed if I told everyone I didn't like coffee........

but I wasn't the one who voted that coffee sucked, I voted for the frappachino option, only because that doesn't even taste like coffee anyway. I'm sure if I can get into MIT I'll learn to like it quickly.
Wow! You had so many options, and you still didn't have my answer covered. And it's not all that obscure either.

I just have a plain old cone filter that goes over the coffee pot, and through which I pour boiling water from the kettle. I suppose I could have answered "dripped", but it isn't exactly dripped - you fill the filter all the way up, let it drain all the way out, and so on. I find it actually tastes a bit better than coffee from a drip machine. Someone explained to me what the difference is once, something to do with oils in the grounds doing different things in the two methods...

Heck, you even forgot percolated, too, but then I would be surprised if anyone honestly preferred that wretched mud.;) (just kidding scott)
Waking up in the mountains, 4 am, 20 below (Celsius) light a fire with a LOT of Boy Scout Water (gas) toss on the coffee, perculate till done, drink liquid, eat chunks for breakfast. Doesn't get any better.
ask me AFTER i have had my first cup of coffe (I think other people like me to have coffee)
Anyone else use a french press coffeemaker? I love mine. It's a little extra work cleaning up, but the taste is worth it.
French press huh ?:confused:
I have made my own espresso many times :p A cappucinno a few times too, thats as far as I;ve gone ;)
I love Wawa cappucinos. I rarely like specialty coffees, but this stuff is different. It might have something to do with the fact that it is made from a powder mix, and not the normal way.

As for normal coffee, I'm gonna get a grinder eventually, but that's probably about as "into" coffee I'll ever get.