Cord cleaning


New 16" MBP. The MagSafe 3 charger cord is now fabric covered.
My cord is quite dirty, and was wondering if anyone has tried to clean theirs yet. And with what?
A few years ago, i wiped down the cord from my old MBP, and the covering started to deteriorate.
I do not want to go that route again! Suggestions?
Damp a microfilm cloth with water and wrap it along the cable and take it the let until the cloth gets dirty! Repeat when the whole thing in cleaned! Then clean inside you home!
I held both ends in one hand & ran hot water over the remaining 5ish feet while rubbing as best as I could. Dried with clean dish cloth. Not a great result, but acceptable.

Dear Apple,
Please make the fabric covered MagSafe 3 cord black or dark grey instead of pure white! It won't show dirt and it will match the silver & grey MBPs.
Signed, Unable to keep cable off the floor.