Data recovered to NTFS drive.


Hey guys,

The hard drive in my iMac died recently and the data could not be recovered due to the drive being badly corrupted.
The service agent I visited referred me onto a data recovery specialist who would be able to retrieve my data. Then I could just transfer it back across to my machine.
Anyway, problem is, the data recovery place stored all my data on a NTFS drive... Is there any simple way to bring my data back to my iMac or is this going to make things significantly more difficult?

Cheers in advance


No, you should not have any difficulty retrieving your files from that NTFS backup.
Your Mac can read the files, and get your data transferred back to your Mac from an NTFS drive.
The difficulty comes if you want to use that NTFS drive for something else, as the Mac cannot natively write or modify files on that NTFS volume.
You CAN install one of the NTFS drivers on your Mac, which will allow you complete read-write access to that NTFS drive. An example is NTFS-3G, which is free software. NTFS-3G is slow, so if you find that you need better performance with an NTFS volume, then you would purchase the commercial version of the drivers, and "life is good!"


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I would recommend this:

1) Get your iMac up and running.
2) Restore any and all files and data from the NTFS drive back to the iMac
3) Double-check that you've copied/restored everything you want from the NTFS drive.
4) Triple-check that you've copied/restored everything you want from the NTFS drive.
5) Repartition/reformat the NTFS drive to something more Mac-compatible and use the drive for Time Machine so you don't have to go through this again.


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