Default installation path


Hi. I have a simple question.

Where all programs are installed by default?

More details:
I use Terminal.
emacs --version gives me 22.1.1.
I'd like to update it and download Emacs-24....dmg. Install it by clicking on the file in Finder.
Go to Terminal. And emacs --version is still 22.1.1.
How to inform system about new emacs? emacs22.1.1. is placed at /usr/bin, where is emacs24 placed?


U.S.D.A. Prime
Use "which", like so:

which emacs
That'll tell you the full path and name of the emacs program used, given the place where it resides is in the PATH.


When I downloaded the Emacs-24 file, it's a .dmg - a disk image. When you open that disk image, it simply gives you the Emacs app, which you would drag to wherever you like. There's not an "installer", as such.
And, it gives you an Emacs for OS X, and not an update for the unix Emacs in your OS X system.
This page gives a method or two to update what you have.