Dual boot on firewire


Hey All,

On my firewire drive I have a copy of OSX which i use to boot off to run retrospect which backs up a number of macs I'm supporting. This is working fine with the OSX machines but I am having some problems with a couple of the machines running os 9. I have been told the only os9 machines that will boot off the firewire are the ones that are the same desktop model that i used to install osx on the firewire. If this is true is it possible to create another installation on the external drive using the other model of machine so i can boot of it? or somehow copy some drivers onto the existing osx installation?
Hope that makes sense.


They should boot fine from an OSX disk, I have done it many times. tThe only issue is a firmware upgrade to allow it to boot from a firewire drive in the first place.

Note : The images I boot from are created with Carbon Copy Cloner.
Only AGP-equipped Power Macintosh G4 computers can boot from FireWire devices. Pre-G4 machines (and G4 machines with PCI graphics) will not boot from FireWire devices.