email problem


Hotmail couldn't send your message because the server was busy. Please try again later.

emails cant send .. they did once but hours later, problem started today, what can i do? is it hotmails fault? so annoying
I don't know if hotmail is having a problem, but that wouldn't be too unusual.

I think you can probably trust the message (for now), as the problem may be temporary.
Looks like there was some kind of problem about 12 hours ago, but not right now.
I mentioned gmail, as that may be a service that you might consider, especially if you continue to be (somewhat) dissatisfied by hotmail.

Or, if the messages eventually go through, then some patience might be a Good Thing™
Have you used Connection Doctor ( in Mail go to the menu item 'Window' and in the drop down select 'Connection Doctor'. It will test you connection and if you have the program display the connection print out then you can see what the server is replying to your Mac. This way you can trace down if it is an OS X problem or setting problem.
Mail may send and receive Hotmail messages. Are you saying that you are accessing Hotmail through its webmail interface?
yep through FF, i like it this way, sometimes messages send , other times says the error message, but messages are in the sent folder.. so they do seem to go.. why is it like that? will it write itself?
Seems like we're just going around in circles.
If the problem is on Hotmail's end, then, yes, you can expect it to start working reliably again (although that seems a little contradictory by my past experience with Hotmail, not the best email service in the world, eh?) The only folks that can really tell you 'why does it do that?' would be the folks at Hotmail.
yeah true.. i sent that message to them yesterday that you told me about on the site.. guess could go onto hotmail discussion or something? its usually fine but this is annoying
When you access a service via the Web, then any problem on your end will always be there. Intermittent problems are almost always the exclusive domain of the server and its owners. In this case, that is Microsoft. There is absolutely positively nothing that anyone on this forum can do to fix a Microsoft problem.