External harddrive data security question


Hi everyone,

I am wondering if an external harddrive has a hidden file or log that keeps track off all data transfers going in and out of it, including the names of the files.

I took my firewire drive to an office to work with someone on a project, and am not sure if I trust the woman that was using it in retrospect. I was not in the room with my drive the entire time and forgot I had sensitive files on it, and am thinking she could have easily and secretly copied them to her harddrive. Is there a way to check that from my drive?

If not, is it possible to check from her computer? A G5 or Mac pro tower running OSX 10.5 or 10.6, not exactly sure if it makes a difference.

Your advice is greatly appreciated!

There's no hidden system activity log on an external hard drive - only on the computer.

So, is this something that your co-worker has been known to do in the past?
Would she take the time to look through files, then copy off any "prøn" that she might find, or try to report you because you have a new job application/resumé on your drive?
There's not really any way to tell.
(Why not just ask her - you might have to work together again sometime!)