Firefox loses 1Password add-on

John Varela

Firefox installed on my wife's Mac repeatedly loses the 1Password add-on, which has to be reinstalled each time.

She and I are running, as near as I can tell, identical configurations: OS X 10.8.4, Firefox 23.0.1, and 1Password 3.8.21. We both run Adblock Plus and Ghostery. My Firefox also runs several other add-ons and has never lost the 1Password add-on. I disabled the add-ons to my wife's Firefox but that didn't help.

Any thoughts?
Is your problem related to this question from the Agilebits forums?

No, this is something different. The symptom is that the first time she goes to a site that wants a log-in, clicking on the 1Password icon produces the familiar pulldown except that the content is blank. I haven't found anything to correct this except to download and reinstall the 1Password add-on. 1Password then works correctly for the rest of the session, but if the computer is shut down and rebooted the problem recurs.
In that thread, the poster is using a version newer than yours (3.9.19) - maybe that can help you, too?
Did you look at that thread?
The poster is running Mountain 10.8.4 - same as you.
But he claims to be using a newer version of 1Password (maybe a beta, but is a higher version than yours)
It's possible that your issue is fixed with that newer version - or might remain erratic/unreliable in the present Firefox 23.
or the issue is just not fixed in Firefox, as the thread says there's a current issue with Firefox 23, affecting a few addons.
If you understand it better than I do, there's more info in this Bugzilla thread:

Anyway, I hope that you hear something from the Agilebits forum. That seems the best place to try for a fix.