Formatting a flash drive for both mac and windows (and linux too maybe)


Hi all. Am trying to figure out how to format an external flash drive so it can be read both on a mac and windows, and maybe linux too. Because it will contain sensitive info I want it to be encrypted but FAT or ExFAT has no encrypted option in Disk Utility. Any other way to have both cross-platform compatibility and encryption?


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Well Windows requires a different format for drives then Mac OS! So you have to decide what you are going to do!

1. Format the partition for Windows then either get a Driver installed in your Mac partition!

2. Use an emulator program and not worry about BookCamp!

3. Get a driver on the Widows side to read/write to Mac partitions!

The choice is up to you!


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The Mac will read what ever is on a FAT formatted drive, but as you see, you can't encrypted the entire drive. You should be able to password protect the items on the drive.