Goodbye Startup Bong

Doctor X


"In my pants!" :cool:

Funny, about a week ago I saw an advertisement for a relatively expensive program to "remove" said chime. "Why would you want that? Why not just mute your volume like most of us have since . . . like . . . 1996?" The same objection was raised by reviewers, along with a free Terminal command to silence said chime.

So I thought this was a "how to" do just that.


More seriously, the article suggests that the occasional reboot is no longer necessary or even desireable in the Brand New Macs? I guess with everything going to SSD you no longer have to worry--if it is a Macbook--with transporting it with a running even sleeping internal hard drive.


Doctor X

Starting a day with a bong is so bourgeois.

Gentlemen of wealth and taste start with a quaich:


--J. "Uisge Beatha Gu Brath" D.