Hard drive replace


I have a 2009 iMac and I am about to replace the hard drive (Apple recall). I have a lot of programs and utilities installed including original windows 7, office 2010 etc. I am currently using OSX 10.8.2 and I have already performed a full Back Up. I would be interested in finding out if I have to re-install everything in the new hard drive or will this be done through the Restore procedure from my back up? I know that I can restore files, I'm just not sure what happens with the software!

I would appreciate some help!
Your going to have to do Windows style backup on the Windows 7 partition in BootCamp. I say this because of the Office program that you have bought and you don't want to loose that program. So buy a extra external that you can back it up that Boot Camp partition for Windows ONLY.

Then what is the "Full Back" of OS X? Is it a Time Machine backup or a cloned backup? Plus if you do a 2nd Hard Drive you might would like to create your own Fusion Drive. It would bring your iMac into this decade.:)
A 2009 iMac has neither space nor provision to add a second drive, other than removing the optical drive and adding a data-doubler-type mount with a second drive.