Has *anyone* got BTMM working wirelessly?

Mike Adams

Back to my Mac is a great idea, except I have not found anyone who can get it to work other than on a local network. As far as I know, all attempts to use a wireless connections fail, yet Apple has apparently made no effort to acknowledge (let alone fix) the problem.

Does anyone have a working wireless set-up? If so, I would love to hear what settings finally worked for you



Chmod 760
Staff member
It should be possible to use it as long as you have the relevant ports open and forwarded.


U.S.D.A. Prime
Yep -- are you trying to connect to someone on the same local network (wired OR wireless), or are you trying to connect to someone that is somewhere else, behind a different router and/or internet connection?

If local, everything should work and no ports should need to be forwarded, unless you've got a complex setup where computers use different access points to access the network. If it's not a local network, you'll need to forward the relevant ports on each router to the local machine in order to access the other computer(s).