HD Enclosure

campbellsteven said:
I just got this hard drive enclosure (http://www.3dxtreme.net/index.php?id=bytecc3.5enclosure1) and I can access my files, but I can’t delete any files because it’s read – only. Help!

Was it a brand new hard drive? If it was manufactures tend to think all their customers are Windows based. so the hard drive was probably formatted in NFTS. OS X only read NFTS. If NFTS is the case, you should have formatted the drive to an HFS format when you first got the drive.
I used to have a PC, so it's the hard drive from my old PC. 120GB, my Mac's hard drive is only 80GB...I can't really back up and format...
You're going to have to back up and format. There's no other way around it if you want to be able to read and write with Mac OS X.

Reformat the drive to be HFS+ (using Mac OS X's Disk Utility software).