HELP!!! MacBook Air not turning On !


I have a macbook air 2009 model. It worked fine till last week. When i was working with my air suddenly it become unresponsive. Track pad was not working. I did force shutdown by holding power button for few seconds. After that when I switched it on again, it just continuously beeps and the screen is blank. Last week also happened like this . But after sometime it switched on perfectly. And its not three beeps its continuous beeping. Pl. someone help!!
The MacBook Air doesn't present a 3-beep error, but will have other patterns.
There's a 5 flash error when waking from sleep, which indicates a likely battery fault - and can indicate that the battery needs replacing. The MacBook Air uses that as a report, but should allow continued use.
I expect it's probably an "SOS" error (3-short flashes, followed by 3 long, followed by 3 short again, and continues to repeat). That might to be cleared by disconnecting the battery for a minute or two.
Or, one flash per second, and the screen remains black, is likely a RAM chip problem on the logic board.
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