Holy S#!? : FIRE.APP is a damn good app!!!


je suis donc je pense
Why didn't anyone tell me earlier!! I can't believe I'm just discovering this program! It's amazing. It supports ICQ, Yahoo and MSN. This will save me a lot of time, and space :D
Yeah Fire.app is my default icq system.

It doesnt get that spinning wheel of death and just looks better.

Trouble is it doesnt support file transfer, which is a real pain in the ass, as i have to open mirrabellis icq and quit fire.app when i want to transfer files...(they wont run together)
Been singing its praises since I got OSX. I think it's the first app I downloaded, actually. It had some problems with MSN for a while, but now they're sorted it's great.
I would also like to see an update, but apparently there is only one guy working on this project all by his lonesome...


Go there, and see what's been reported as requested stuff.
(It's a big list)
Lat time Apple bought a program i liked (Soundjam) to include with OS X, they took out everything (almost) that I liked about it (Sleep Timer, skins, equalizers, separate player and playlist windows) And after I paid good money for SoundJam, too. Granted, with iTunes 2 they have added the equalizers back in, but now it prevents my monitor from going to sleep, which makes it useless (to me at least). So I would have to disagree with Click, Apple should NOT buy this program. Or any other good piece of software. Judging from their previous track record, at least.
Originally posted by macavenger
Granted, with iTunes 2 they have added the equalizers back in, but now it prevents my monitor from going to sleep, which makes it useless (to me at least).

huh? how does itunes prevent your monitor from sleeping? i've got it, and my monitor sleeps well enough... (when it's tired :) )

oh yes, and fire rules! great app indeed!
Fire is pretty good I just want more smileys :D be able to transfer files put pictures in my posts speak and nothing else these are all things AIM has.
Fire does a good job of combining a lot of IM services,
but its just the IM part, not the voice or data part.

I still prefer the individual IM programs :)
That's the problem, I think. They all offer different features to get you. I mean, the Excite Messenger has a ton of cool features, but it's not like many people are on it.

Is there a (free) voice chat program out for OS X, yet? I'm pretty sure AOL hasn't added it in for the OS X version of AIM, yet.
Fire is a great app. But not a substitute to Gerrys ICQ. I still run it in Classic mode because it is the greatest ICQ app for Mac. Sorry I just can't stand the hiddeous look of the official client!! The thing is with fire is that you don't have the specific parts of each service, MSN is complete, because it only has IM. But the ICQ part is missing chat, file transfer and propper list management. Lets all pray that we get an update of Gerrys ICQ for carbon that works better :)
Ok, if you use AIM or fire....go try this program...it rools!!!! I have been using it for about a month now, and Adam iser (the dude that programs it) keeps updating it...it is the best AIM clone i've ever seen seriously!! here is the link to download it: http://homepage.mac.com/adamiser/
can you change status? I tried a few things on Fire, but people always saw me as "Available". and well, I could just ignore messages, but since I was "available", it kinda pissed some people off...

now I use micq on terminal... yes, the mirabilis or whatever's client is just tooo damn ugly... and God, each message comes in a new window :p
Fire works pretty good for me... but M$N keeps booting me off when I log in with it. Anybody have any ideas on how to connect and stay on so my windoze friends can keep in touch with me?
It didn't import my buddy list for aim. My list is large and recreating it would be a major PITA.

Anybody else have this problem? Have a solution?
Fire.app needs file transfer in the next update...Im sick of having to switch on mirrabellie icq to transfer files.:mad:
Did you go to the website for Fire, and see if that's a request?
The company (guy) doesn't know what you want through mind reading... 'cause then he wouldn't be a programmer at all ;)

As mentioned before it's just one guy doing the whole program. So drop him a note, if he's a good guy he'll take your suggestion. Which for the record is a suggestion I wholeheartedly agree with! ;)