How Can I Automatically Backup Apple Mail Email Database On My Hard Drive?

Peter Hanks

Hello, I need to backup all my emails available in my apple mail email client on my hard drive. Is there any way or application available that can automatically backup all my emails even the new incoming ones and i just need to clear my apple mail account and don't worry about the backup. Please help me here. Thanks
One is to use OS X's Time Machine! Just buy a USB3 external and format it HFS Extended[/url] and plug it into your Mac. Also if you want to backup just Mail then read the Apple Support document Import or Export MailBoxes.
Best solution is to export your email database, that way your emails also remain safe and secure. Here's the procedure:
Export mailboxes
  1. Select one or more mailboxes, then choose Mailbox > Export Mailbox.

  2. Choose a folder or create a new folder, then click Choose.

    Mail exports the mailboxes as .mbox packages. If you previously exported a mailbox, Mail doesn’t overwrite the existing .mbox file; it creates a new .mbox file, such as My Mailbox 3.mbox.
Here is another option:
Thanks for providing the solution guys. Mail backup x is a relief. All my emails now get automatically backed up as soon as they arrive in the mailbox. This tool is the best.
Check manual way to export Apple Mail emails on hard drive.

Step 1: Open Apple Mail and select Profile from which you want to export emails.
Step 2: Now, click on on Mailbox under Menu bar and go with "Export Mailbox" option.
Step 3: Now, enter the Destination path and hit on "Choose" option to save all emails in MBOX file format.

These are the simple steps to create backup of Mac Mail database.

To view exported MBOX items, you can use some 3rd party app. As per my experience, I would like to suggest a tool by which you can open and read Mac Mail database without any cost.

Check this utility (Free to view MBOX content):
Hi, I would like to suggest a third party software that is well suitable to import your Mac mail backup to several other email clients. However you can use this software to read your MAC Mail database without email client dependency free of cost. If you want to convert your Mac Mail database to other format then it is compulsory to purchase license keys.
Download free demo -
You can easily take backup of your emails by Exporting Mailbox at your selected location in your computer. Just simply right click on Mailbox at right sidebar then choose Export Mailbox. After that you can choose your preferred location where you want to export in hard drive then click choose. After these steps, all your emails from selected mailbox will be exported at selected destination and it will not delete any email. Also, all your emails will work as the same as earlier.
Use this solution to Backup Apple mail to PST format in few seconds without any data loss.
Source: MBOX Converter
Appears to be a converter, not offered as a backup tool, per se - and, as so often happens when posters apparently don't notice that this is a Mac support site, the converter is a Windows-only tool. (Posting the info on a Mac support site does not, somehow, make the software work on a Mac system.
And if the entire thread was read, they would see that the OP (from three years ago) has solved the problem.