How many HDs will fit in my G4 1.42ghz?


Hi all,

I've been thinking of putting a third HD in my G4 1.42 (desktop/mirrored...) but have had the thought that maybe it can only fit two?
I installed the second drive myself a while ago and I think I remember seeing space for another two drives. Is that correct - it can hold 4 HD's?

Thanks in advance,



actually, 5 is possible without adding extra drive controllers. 2 on the rear bus, 2 on the front bus, and a fifth hard drive added underneath the optical drive.


yeah, last I checked, it's 4 hard drives. 2 in the rear bay and 2 in front.

I've thought of the same thing, putting in another drive in there, it shouldn't be any problem, but I think one thing you should consider is how much hotter will your mac get with an extra internal drive... ? some say not enough to notice.

interestingly enough, I think there's a dashboard widget that checks the temperature of your mac.

hope this helps, this is the first time I've been an active participate in ANY forum.



Thanks for the info all. I probably will get another HD.

I actually have that widget! My temperature (cpu apparently) hovers around 58-59 degress (c). Anyone know what a healthy temperature is? The room it's in gets pretty hot sometimes and I'm often curious how bad it is for the comp.