How to route content through Apple TV?


Here is what I want to do. Have my computer on and iTunes open. Then, go downstairs to my Apple TV (version 1) which has nothing on the hard drive and be able to browse the music, pictures and movies on the upstairs computer's iTunes library (and play them of course).

When I tried this last night after setting up Apple TV, the only way I could play something is to go up to the computer and PUSH it to the Apple TV via air sharing.

This is NOT what I want. I want to PULL it to the Apple TV FROM the Apple TV. Is this NOT possible???


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Apparently, you cannot have a generation 1 AppleTV set up to "sync" and then expect it to stream -- it's an "either/or" situation -- either you sync to the AppleTV, or you stream, but not both.

Is your AppleTV currently set up to sync content? If so, you may have to switch that to "stream" (or whatever the option is -- I don't have a gen. 1 AppleTV) in order to do what you want.


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Maybe getting something like aTV Flash and easily give your 1st Gen AppleTV a supercharge, easily.


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No need for that. It's the basic function of Apple TV 1 to be set up with a computer (it has to be synched, you can choose to sync automatically or select some stuff, but the streaming stays active, anyway...). Without synching, there's no streaming. That's the first step. Sounds to me like you haven't really set up the Apple TV yet. Does it turn up on your "Devices" list in iTunes on the left? (The black Apple TV 2 doesn't do that, the aluminum version 1 does.)