I am at a lost on iTunes 11.1


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When I upgraded to iTunes 11.1 (on 10.8.5) and for some reasons iTunes forgot all my podcasts even though they were still in my iTunes Media Library in my Home Music folder.

Now when I had to re-add my podcasts I have a new problem of podcast continuous playing and for some reason I can stop that in podcast playing.

One thing it did that was lucky, no adds in iTunes Radio (I know some countries don't have iTunes Radio yet, talk to your local RIAA about that) even though I don't have iTunes Match, i hope this holds.
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How long have you listened - and have you created more than one station?
The existing stations seem to show ads more frequently than the few that I created.
The ads do not come up very often, in my (brief, of course) experience - perhaps 2 or 3 times per hour on my setup, and have only been for about 15 seconds, and certainly not between each song.

There's some reports that running a permissions repair might help a few issues that some report.
Maybe a simple restart will make a change.
As always, YMMV...

Just as a minor point of interest - my iTunes Radio is not responding or playing anything at this moment. Don't know what's up with THAT..
Well iTunes radio working for me in Virginia. I have read some users having the same problem as you and reported if they quit iTunes and then open System Preferences->iCloud pane and sign out of iCloud, wait about 1 minute and sign back into the the iCloud pane. Then reopen iTunes and Radio worked for them. However YMMV, Good Luck.
I'm in Delaware.

A few minutes later, it was again functioning - no need for me to do anything.
(must have been a "cloud" passing by :D )
(in a completely unrelated issue) I don't do "cloud"
I cannot setup an iCloud account (with several attempts with mysterious errors), stopping after Apple told me that my AppleID account login name is unacceptable for the iCloud service - despite the fact that it works without issue on any other service that requires my AppleID (including service tech access). I don't care to change the account name, so that leaves me "cloudless" - annoying at first, but now it's OK! Maybe I'll try again in a couple of years - or not...
But, then I haven't discovered any use for iCloud that appeals to me, so until Apple makes access to iCloud mandatory, I'm good...
Back to my iTunes 11.1 problem. I even Repaired Permissions and it made no different on the automatic playback to the next podcast. I searched and searched for a setting to stop that but can't seem to find a setting to stop this (stopping after playing the selected podcasts).
Now when I had to re-add my podcasts I have a new problem of podcast continuous playing and for some reason I can stop that in podcast playing.

I am still having this problem. I play my video podcast in a separate window and in previous version of iTunes the window would close at the end of the video. Now it just starts paying the next podcast. Any help please if anyone has a suggestion.