I cannot change my desktop 1 picture, a riddle!

gerard karelse

Some time ago I wanted to change the picture on desktop 1. This picture was from my private iPhoto library.
I had to delete this picture completely from my Mac Book Retina (OSX 10.8.4) because every time I started my Mac this picture was popping up again on desktop 1.

Now I want to use another picture for Desktop 1, but my Mac is not accepting this. Every time I switch on my Mac, a standard Mac picture (the universum, also nice but not what I want) shows up. I can change pictures easily for the other desktops (2,3,4 and 5) (system preferences->desktop->etc).

Even the Mac whiskid from my Macgroup doesn't know how to solve this. He thinks the next software upgrade will deal with this problem(??)
Does anyone know how to solve this riddle? Thanks a lot.
Goto ~/Library/Preferences and move the file com.apple.desktop.plist to the desktop.
Restart. The system will build a new one. It should work then. If it does, you can delete the one on the desktop.
If you're running Lion/Mountain Lion you can get to Library by holding Option and selecting the Go menu. Library is normally hidden.
You can change your desktop picture, or background, using the System Preferences application. Follow these steps:

1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
2. Choose Desktop from the View menu.
3. Choose a collection or folder from the Collection pop-up menu. Images contained in that collection or folder then appear in the selection pane below.
4. Click the picture you desire in the selection pane.
5. Quit System Preferences.
thanks for your input, but I cannot find this file (library-->preferences). No file with desktop mentioned.Schermafbeelding 2013-06-27 om 22.12.44.png
any other suggestion is welcome
this is exactly what I did but the riddle is that is doesn't work. Everytime the same standard Mac desktop picture shows up, for the other desktops no problem to change.
You are in the wrong Library folder.
You have Lion or newer OS X version, which means that your user Library folder is normally hidden, and is the one mentioned. The symbol ~ means your own user folder. Go to the Go menu in the Finder. Hold your Option key, and you will see the Library folder appear in the list. Go there, then to Preferences folder, and you can find that com.apple.desktop.plist file. Drag the file to the trash, then log out and log back in to your user account. That should reset your desktop picture to default, and fix up your desktop picture difficulties.