I Like To Say Hello To The Forum Members


I would like to say hello to all the forum member. I'm a new kid on the block. :)
A little about myself, I'm retired Navy and also retired Over-The-Road Truck Driver. I love learning about security and computers. I spent 23 years in the security field in the Navy. All my life I ran Windows computers. I bought my first Apple computer a little over a year ago and love it, still learning though. I'm also a member of some other Mac forums. :)
I am retired Air Force.
Never been a trucker, but have immense respect for the job that truck drivers do each day.

I have been lurking here for years, and try to help when I can.
This site is relatively low traffic, compared to a couple of other forums that I frequent, but there's some good folks here, I think.
Also some here should give you good responses to your questions --- so, fire away, if you feel the need :D
I was in Army SATCOM for 6 years spending 4 of those years all over the South Pacific! Bought my first own Macs at an Air Force PX Electronic Store! Then getting all the software through Japanese Electronic Stores, ah those were the days!
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