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I remember when a 10 MB HD was $999.00. WTF? Who needs that much space... lol

I remember when 512k of memory was ridiculously huge...

I remember when the system, PageMaker, and half your documents fit onto one 1"1/2 floppy. (and you room to spare)

What's the nostalgia folks? Mac only, 'cause I could go into the Kaypro thing, and that's a whole other story ;)
I actually started on my dads apple ][e (he still has it and uses it atlease once a week, even with a modem where you have to put the phone reciever on it).

Then got the lisa then mac classic, dropped of the face of the earth for a while, then had a quadra 850av, Performa 6400, then 233 G3 (I still have that running as a OS X app, file and mail server), Wall Street and now a Ti powerbook, I love macs and apple loves me :)

I also have a pc for linux, but I haven't touched it in 4 months (he he it is streaming mp3s though) also just a little cool note I have not shut down my Ti since installing 10.1 (just put to sleep, move, wake right back up!!!!!!)
Comparative newbie here. ;)
First computer I ever owned was a Performa 6300CD that I bought in February of 1996. I was sooo impressed with my lightning-fast 100Mhz chip, my huge 1-gig HD, and my state-of-the-art internal 28.8 modem.
It still sits in the spare room, ready to serve as needed. :D
whilst studying for design (where else!) I was using PCs at the time, but knew, just knew where my destiny was. Those machines (even though they where 4 classic machines running crappy Quark up against fairly good new PCs) just had that special mysticism about them.

Apple Mac 8200 (geez that was powerful) in '94-'95 I think.

I love Apple so much It makes me cry. Group HUG everyone!!:D
My first exposure to a Mac was in 1985 when I saw one in a department store. I first got to play with one at the McGraw-Hill Book Store, which sold them at the time. A year later, I started using them at work. I worked for a commercial type shop them and the Mac was an experiment. I've been using them ever since.

My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20 in 1979 or thereabouts. It had 5K of RAM, no hard drive and came with a tape recorder. Later I got a 5 1/4" floppy drive. I think the drive cost $250 or so.

I had 2 different Mac emulators on my Amiga 2000 (which is still in use, BTW), one was called AMax and the other was Emplant. Both worked pretty well, including networking with localtalk.:D
This is... so.... wonderful...

*wipes tears away from his eyes*

It's good to see that we've got the hardcores, and the newbies together in harmony!

My first machine ever was a kaypro... Wow... what a powerful machine! ;)

My first Mac wasn't even one. We had some Macintosh Plus machines at school (remember? 1MB of RAM already, that was a cool cube...) and I had an Atari ST with a Spectre GCR 128 Macintosh emulator (hardware & software). My first real own Mac was later a PowerBook 150. Ever since I used PBs. :) ->

150, 180c, 520c, 5300ce, iBook/300, TiBook/500 ... And I had a Performa 630 and a PowerMacintosh 8200 inbetween. desktops suck. :)

I still have a Color Classic btw. It sits around and does *nothing*. A pity, I know. If only there was an AirPort card for it, I'd surf webpages on its Trinitron 512*384 screen. :)
Here is my computer history

1st computer to be used: Amstrad CPC at a friend's house. had monitor and joy pad. The computer was an all in one (keyboard+tape drive + computer = one unit)

2nd computer was actuallu and Amiga 500 which my best buddy had. We'd play for hours and hours... man did I love the "chaos engine"

3rd to be used was an Atari ST (my brother's Godfather had one). Didnt use it much. Played some matchbox cars game :p

4th to be used --> Amiga 1200. Now THAT was a kick arse machine for its time ;) My best buddy had upgraded from a an A500 to an A1200

5th computer experience was with my Godmothers 16Mhz PC running windows 3.11. What a horrible experience! I somehow got into DOS while she wasnt there (I was playing price of persia) and could not get out! The stupid thing kept giving me the options "Bad command or error"... It was that day That dispise for M$ grew in me :p

6th computer to be used Apple Classic all in one running OS 6.0.8 with an external 5-10-or 20MB SCSI HD. Used it to write papers for english

7th & 8th computers was an LC III and a Centris 650 (pizza box). I graduated to the computer lab bellow in my highschool where I had my first experineces with At Ease and learned to hack it he he he. After that experience I bought my own macintosh!!!!!!!!!

First bought computer: Performa 635CD, Ir enabled, 250MB HD, 2X CD-ROM, That thing kicked arse (but it dod not have an FPU damn it :p)

Then after 4 years I bought my current Blue And White G3 @ 350Mhz. It was brand new then and I was on top of the world!

Ever since I bought my first mac I have dabbled with other computing platfroms too... I am VERY inquisitive in nature. I wish I could have an SGI irix machine now to play around with:rolleyes:
BBC Microcomputer B (don't know if these where available in USA!)

Then a Spectrum + (same again, not sure if in USA either, very english machines!)

But, I did have a rain coat! (gett it!!)
Computing experience:

- In 7th grade (1979 or so), our science teacher, Mr. Nedela, got a 16K Apple II + with a cassette drive. The big upgrade he got during the summer was a floppy drive.

- I programmed in Apple Basic and UCSD Pascal on Apple II's in high school.

- 1st computer owned was a Coleco Adam (remember those?)

- First used a Mac in the summer of 1985, in the U of Michigan computer labs while doing a pre-college program.

- Used tons of Macs during undergrad: 128Ks, 512Ke's, Mac Plus, SE, Mac II, IIcx.

- Spent lots of time on my roommate's Atari ST and Amiga 2000

- Did level 1 tech support during summers for a bank that had lots of IBM PC XT's and AT's

- Family bought an LC II, later replaced by a IIci

- Bought a uMax S900, followed by the little guy in my sig.
I won't recount all my first experiences -- that would take WAAAAY too long, but I will ask one question: remember the Commodore PET computers? I LOVED making my little "froggy" jump around the screen -- what program was that? Remember? "GO FORWARD 2," "TURN RIGHT," "GO FORWARD 5," and the "froggy" would draw little lines of asterisks and what not... and that game "Hammurabi?" Where you had to feed your country and hope they don't starve to death? Man... 3rd grade rocked... and don't even get me started on the tape drives. I thought whoever invented those things had hung the moon and stars!

Well, since then it's been a combination of Amigas, Apples, Macs and PCs... I'm sitting in front of my beloved G4/400 PCI machine, which I will probably keep until the day I die... I LOVE this machine.

Apple is a lifesaver. They made computing FUN. I still remember the good ol' days of MS-DOS 3.3 which I had for years upon years... I became a Mac convert when I got into the pre-press/graphic arts industry right around the time the Quadra 950 was introduced. In fact, my company STILL has one loaded to the gills with 128MB of RAM. It has eaten only ONE hard drive in its entire life, and it hasn't been shut off for more than 15 minutes at a time in over EIGHT years! Man, that thing is a powerhouse...

Ok, enough ranting. Props to the person who posted this poll and got us all thinking back to the good old days. I can't wait until I'm old and decrepid and recounting my experience with the first G4 computers to my great-grandchildren... ;)
I actually had a Commadore 64 (wow 64 k of ram I rocked) and had a cassette drive, but on the apple ][e we had a program called logo that you could do the vectors (go forward 5, right 3, (it hink velocity as well, it was a long time ago)) and it would draw a vector shape, and the thing that drew it I thinlk was called a turtle :). Also I used to prgram on my com64 in basic and had the voicebox hooked up to it, I was 8 and my parents thought I was a genius because I could program the VCR, so I look back now and basic was so..... well basic, I love computers but have a love affair with macs!
I learned how to program in applesoft basic on the Apple II gs

The teacher had made us disks with ProDOS and the Basic compiler...
of course she had boot disks for the IIgsOS but she did not give it to us :p

No one knew it existed till I hoocked up 2 floppy drives on the GS and made a copy of the OS floppy and used it he he he ;) .. I was the envy of the class :p
Oh my GOD, that thing rocked! I had no idea what I was suppose to do with that at the time, butI had a lot of fun. Oh, to return to the days of my Steve Wozniak insigniated Apple IIgs.

Remember the line of SE's that had all the Apple employee (big guy's and gals) signatures on the inside of the box? That's when I got into IT. Someone told me names were cast into the plastic, and I got my dad to buy the tools to open the SE up... Ah... the joys of memories...

No more 14" allen wrenches, or box crackers nowadays!
I remember lemonade stand and Oregon Trail, I also had a bunch of games (my dad still has them) on real floppy's I think they are 5.25"