iBook G4 + 17" Studio Display


So, my understanding is that a VGA to ADC adapter is required
to connect the iBook G4 to an Apple 17" Studio Display.

Is it really $300 for this adapter?!

Does anyone out there know of a cheaper solution?
I bought an Apple 17" Studio Display with the intention of buying a G5.
However, I never came across the three-grand for the G5, go figure, lol.
Thus, the display just sits there, collecting dust.

Recently, I have decided to purchase the new 12" iBook G4.
Nothing special, I know. I'm a college student going for portability and budget.
And the iBook will only be used for school work and my photography company.

BOTTOM LINE: I just want to know the cheapest way to see what's
on the iBook on my 17" Studio Display when I'm at home. All I can find are the
$300-$350 VGA to ADC adpaters.

(Please no reccomendations on buying an entirely different
laptop/comp. to solve this problem. I'm set on the $999 iBook G4
for various reasons involving student discounts and free merchandise.)

Thank you. :eek:
For VGA to ADC you are going to pay that much. That is called economy of scale pricing. Since ADC was an Apple only technology, your choices are limited. This was one of the reasons why Apple discontinued ADC. The other was choices of video cards since ADC video cards would have to specially made for Apple. Don't get me wrong, I personally think ADC is superior to DVI, but the economy of scale won out for DVI (I also thought Beta was superior to VHS in the day but VHS won out on economy of scale).
Also, if I'm not mistaken, the largest resolution you're going to get on that 17" monitor is 1024x768 (the native resolution of the iBook).

There are hacks out there that enable screen-spanning mode for iBooks, but I don't recommend using them as there's no guarantee of proper operation. Without the hack you're stuck mirroring the internal display to the external at 1024x768 max.
Thanks guys.

In regards to the resolution issue.
Let's say I do invest on a VGA to ADC adpater
and connect a 12" iBook to the 17" Studio Display.
Will the projection on the display only take up 12" worth of the screen?
Or even worse, stretch out the projection and appear pixelated and blurry?

If this is the case, it seems I'm better off selling the display
and use the extra cash to at least buy the 14" iBook.

Thanks again. :)
You will see on the big screen the same resolution, that is 1024 x 768. It will be as big as the normal screen, and should not be pixelated.... and your idea sounds like a solution.
Just wanted to say thanks for everyone's help.

I bought the 12 Inch iBook the other day and lovin' it.
The included VGA adapter hooks up to my 16" PC Display no problem.

Problem solved. So anyone want this, lol?